Sometimes the worst action to take... is taking no action at all.
—Li Ren, trying to convince his son to fight for himself

Li Ren was the father of Lie Ren and husband of An Ren. He first appeared in "Kuroyuri". He was a hunter for Kuroyuri Village and was killed when the Nuckelavee attacked their home.


Li was tall, with black hair streaked with gray pulled back into a ponytail, a mustache, and a goatee. He wore a sleeveless green tailcoat over a long-sleeved white shirt, black pants tucked into open-toe sandals, a black sash with a single pouch and an archer's glove on his left hand. He also carried a quiver of arrows to use in conjunction with his bow and a single dagger. His outfit is notably similar to Lie's as of Volume 4.


Li was a man who valued courage over indifference, and he taught his son that the worst action one could take was none, hoping to instill bravery in him. This same lesson was his parting gift as he told Lie to run away to safety.

Powers and Abilities


Li Ren was a capable hunter of Kuroyuri village who wielded a bow and arrow in combat. He also carried a backup dagger which he gave to his son Lie during the attack on Kuroyuri. Li was, however, only a hunter and was far from being as powerful as the Huntsmen.


  • He is literally described in the script as a "really handsome Hanzo-looking motherfucker" in reference to Overwatch.[1] This is due to Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross realizing that he reminded them of Hanzo.
  • Li (黎) is Chinese for "black, dark".


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