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The Leviathan is a massive aquatic Creature of Grimm that made its first appearance in the episode "Seeing Red" of Volume 6.


The Leviathan is a gigantic, bipedal, aquatic sea Grimm with four humanoid limbs and a long tail. It has four gills on each side of its neck and a collection of dorsal plates protruding from its back, with red webbing between each plate. It has a dolphin-like head with a mouth filled with sharp teeth and three yellow eyes on each side of the head. Like many other Grimm it has external ribs.

While underwater, its eyes and the red lines on its face-plate glow.

According to the Official Companion Guide, the head of the Leviathan is based on a porpoise skull and is described as "Vaguely Cetacean." [1]

Powers and Abilities

Being an aquatic Grimm, the Leviathan can swim and breathe underwater. It can also exhale a stream of electric fire that is capable of blasting through Atlas force field technology and break structures off buildings, and it has tough skin that is resistant to missile blasts.


A Leviathan emerges from the ocean outside Argus when the heroes and Caroline Cordovin are fighting, causing the townspeople to spike with negative emotions. Because the heroes had incapacitated Cordovin's Colossus by destroying an arm, the Leviathan approaches the city largely uncontested, easily breaking through hard light force-field. Atlesian pilots attempt to stop it, but their missiles do not faze the Grimm.

Ruby Rose takes the initiative and approaches the Leviathan. With the help of the Relic of Knowledge, Ruby has enough time to use her silver eyes to encase the Grimm in stone before it can attack her. Cordovin severs the destroyed arm of her Colossus to free herself and gives the final blow to the Leviathan, drilling into the beast with the mech's other arm and killing it as it attempts to break free from the stone.


  • The Leviathan (Hebrew: לִוְיָתָן) is based on its real-life counterpart. The name לִוְיָתָן is a derivation from the root "לוה", meaning "to twine; to join", with an adjectival suffix "ן-". with a literal meaning of "wreathed, twisted in folds". The meaning of לִוְיָתָן in Modern Hebrew is whale, which is also an enormous aquatic creature.
  • In RWBY Rewind Episode 11, the hosts, Chad, Jackie and Ellie, gave the Leviathan the nickname 'Lenny'. Later in the episode, Kerry Shawcross states that he nicknamed the Leviathan 'Levi' as he did not want to write out 'Leviathan' in the script.[2][3]
  • The Leviathan was foreshadowed in the RWBY Chibi episode "Play With Penny".
  • The Leviathan bears resemblance to Godzilla, the famous monster from Toho:
    • Both have a similar gigantic bipedal lizard body
    • Both are typically portrayed as rising from the sea to attack a city.
    • Both have a powerful energy breath attack.
  • Monstra, the Grimm whale introduced in "The Enemy of Trust" was described as a "Leviathan class" Grimm in the episode "Ultimatum" of Volume 8.


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