Volume 5

Welcome to Haven

Qrow! For crying out loud, you nearly scared me half to Death!
—Lionheart, yelling at Qrow Branwen after recovering from shock
A pleasure to meet you all. Leonardo Lionheart, at your service.
—Lionheart, introducing himself to RNJR
Vale wasn't the only Kingdom to suffer that night. Everyone was watching. Every house in every Kingdom saw that poor girl ripped to pieces, saw monsters crawling over the city, Atlesian Knights attacking citizens... and then nothing. You could feel the dread in the air. With all that negativity, you can imagine what it was like when the Grimm came for us. Mistral's territory is the widest reaching in the world, you know, and that makes it infinitely harder to protect. We lost so many great Huntsmen, teachers from this very institution. And it's only gotten worse.
—Lionheart, explaining the situation in Mistral following the Battle of Beacon

True Colors

You can call it whatever you want, it doesn't really matter. We're here... helping her. I've crossed a line... I've done things that Ozpin will never forgive, and he shouldn't! I don't know where I go from here.
—Lionheart, to Raven Branwen

The More the Merrier

Wait. You can't have had this form for long. You're... not really Ozpin right now. Boy. Child. If I deliver you to Salem, she'll have to be pleased with me, and I can finally get out of all of this! I can finally be free!
—Lionheart, thinking of kidnapping Oscar Pine for Salem

Haven's Fate

It was Cinder! She altered the plan! Huntsmen showed up here! Qrow! Several students, one with the Silver Eyes! The White Fang attack, it was stopped! I don't know that they'll be able to recover the Relic... Your grace, I can still be of assistance!! If I leave now, I-- I can avoid the authorities and come find you, I'll do whatever it takes! Your grace?
—Lionheart, to Salem through the Seer
Please, ma'am! I'll do anything! I can still be useful!
—Lionheart begging Salem to let him live
—Lionheart's last words before the Seer kills him

About Lionheart

Leonardo, do you remember the first time we met? I remember. I remember your fear. But, since that day, you've been extraordinarily brave. I won't forget all that you've done for me. Do not forget everything that I can do to you.
—Salem threatening Lionheart while reminding him of the nature of their affiliation in "Dread in the Air"
Leo did what any sane person would in his position - he looked at all the information he had in front of him, assessed the situation, and made a choice.
—Raven, defending Leo's actions in "The More the Merrier"
Entrance into the Vytal Festival was a real treat, Leonardo's been sending Salem all sorts of information for a very, very long time. Isn't that right, professor?
Cinder Fall, on the extent of Lionheart's betrayal
It was you... you sit on the Mistral Council. You had information on every Huntsman and Huntress in the Kingdom, and you gave it all to her?
—Qrow, realizing what Lionheart has wrought
I couldn't find any of them, because you let her kill them!
—Qrow, on what Lionheart did to his Mistral friends
—Salem to Lionheart's demise
I believed Leonardo deserved to be remembered for his lifetime of service, and not for the unfortunate missteps he made in his final years.
—Ozpin, on why he fabricated the story of Lionheart's heroic death in "Uncovered"
What Professor Lionheart did was reprehensible. I am not here to argue differently, but does one lapse in judgement truly negate all of his good? Do we not all have regrets?
—Ozpin, defending his fallen former friend
You may have met Professor Lionheart, but you never met the man he was before Salem found him.
—Ozpin, proclaiming Lionheart was not always a coward
Do you really think Leo was the first?! That he didn't say those exact same words to me?
—Ozpin, on Lionheart's betrayal
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