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At some point in the past, Lemon became leader of the Wave Crime syndicate and became interested in the Magic artifacts in the ruins near the city of Kuchinashi. Some point after this, Lemon allied with the Mistral-based organization, Spider and it's leader, Lil' Miss Malachite, conducting a heist on an Atlesian shipment in the city of Argus, stealing a newly-created fabric material that adapted to light, making the wearer invisible. Spider stole the entire shipment underneath Wave's nose, thus invisibility cloaks became commonplace amongst Spider's spy network in Mistral.

Approximately 2 years before the start of RWBY, the Wave took an interest in Javi Pastel of the Pastel Company, who had discovered ancient ruins in the Kuchinashi northern mountain pass, and a powerful Magic Necklace which seemingly could control the Grimm. After Pastel made several deals with the Wave, the Hana Guild gained a new leader named Vermillion Raddock who stopped the dealing of narcotics and changed the organization into a more shadowy group. This caused Javi to stop his dealings with the younger organization before they could obtain the necklace.

Soon after, Pastel turned out dead as the Wave claimed the necklace from his estate before their rivals. The items on his estate went up for auction. It's later revealed that Lemon herself murdered Pastel in order to get her hands on his magic necklace. Lemon also hired Team SMMK, a group of corrupt Huntsmen, to help keep anyone from interfering with the Wave's plans.

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The Kuchinashi Incident

Lemon with the Magic Necklace in her possession

Lemon first introduced herself to Team SAFR in when they try to escape the Pastel Manor and has taken hold of the Magic Necklace Javi Pastel found in the mountains. She used it to control the Grimm and attack all of the Wave's enemies in Kuchinashi including the city guard and the Hana Guild. She later found Team SAFR trying to use one of Kuchinashi's old Cross Continental Transmit System relay towers to send a message asking for reinforcements and sends a bomber ship to stop them.

Lemon had acquired an ancient silver and gold necklace with an orange blue jewel from one of Kuchinashi's ruins, seemingly giving her the power to control the creatures of Grimm. However, it is later revealed that she had acquired multiple magic artifacts and was planning to sell them to other factions outside of Kuchinashi to increase her influence and power.

Later she uses her Magic Necklace to control Grimm around the convoys carrying her magic artifacts out of the city in order to attack Team SAFR. After the attempt to ship out the artifacts through the convoys fails, she decided to ship out any of the Wave's remaining artifacts through a stolen Atlesian Airship Dust carrier with her onboard and used her magic necklace to control Grimm for extra security at the airport. After Team SAFR managed to get onboard the ship, she told the Wave guards onboard to increase security. When Team SAFR encountered Team SMMK intake ship's artifact room, they stole one of the artifacts for themselves and used it to teleport out of the ship and left Lemon to fend for herself.

When Team SAFR reach her private quarters however, they find that she was attacked by Abigail Pyre who stole her Magic Necklace and took control of a Manticore brought in the ship for security while leaving her to bleed to death. She revealed this to the team and told the group that Vermillion Raddock can't get his hands on the artifacts due to his master wanting to get her hands on them. Fenix Nemean placed her in her bed as the team left her to succumb to her wounds.

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