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Lemon was the leader of the Wave, first appearing in "Razing The Stakes". She was known for originally dealing with stolen goods such as Atlesian weapons and even magical artifacts. During the first two seasons of RWBY: The Grimm Campaign, she served as the main antagonist.

In "When Life Gives You Lemons", she was attacked by Abigail Pyre, who stole her Magic Necklace and left her to bleed to death.


Lemon was a tall, light-skinned woman with blonde hair and blue eyes.

She wore a gold suit and dress pants, and a lemon yellow coat hanging from her shoulders. Furthermore, she wore a Magic Necklace that controls the Grimm prior to it being stolen.


Lemon was shown to be a cruel, power-hungry crime boss as she managed to kill Javi Pastel in order to take his Magic Necklace with the power to control the Grimm for herself. She also hired corrupt Huntsmen like Team SMMK to act as extra security and to keep people from looking into the Wave's plans. She had a hatred for Vermillion Raddock, and was seemingly aware of the existence of Salem and her council.

Powers and Abilities

Lemon was a capable leader and strategist, allowing the Wave to rise to power in a few short years. She was also quite knowledgeable since she knew that Vermillion Raddock was working for Salem. During the time she wore the Magic Necklace, she could control the Grimm using her Aura.

While she did have an Aura, she wasn't very physically strong. She was easily killed by Abigail Pyre from being stabbed and bled to death in the process.


  • Lemon is a shade of yellow.
  • Lemons are a sour type of fruit colored yellow.


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