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The Land of Darkness, also known as Evernight [1], is the former domain of the God of Darkness and the antithesis of the Domain of Light. The pools of Grimm are located there. Salem and her subordinates use Evernight Castle as their base of operations.



As seen in "The Lost Fable", the God of Darkness himself resided in the center of a large, central Pool of Grimm at his shrine, standing as an antithesis to the Fountain of Life. Like the Fountain of Life, stairs led to the pool, but as people were not fond of the God of Darkness, only a skeleton was left there, as opposed to gifts placed in the Domain of Light.


Landscape of the Land of Darkness with Salem's castle in the distance

The Land of Darkness is a barren wasteland, with rocky terrain and enormous Gravity Dust crystals sprouting from the ground. The sky is a dark red. Grimm spawn in large numbers from pools of a viscous, tar-like substance.

The realm is first glimpsed in "End of the Beginning". In "The Next Step", when Salem meets with her subordinates in a large conference room, showing that there is some sort of structure at the location. The exterior is only shown in "So That's How It Is", apparently built in a huge crystal wall, with a cave-like tunnel leading to the stairs inside.

In "Taking Control", Cinder Fall trains with her Maiden powers against various kinds of Grimm in a large circular room with a skylight in the dome.

Grimm Pools

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Beowolves crawling from the Grimm Pools

An important feature of the Land of Darkness are pools of a viscous, tar-like substance capable of spawning large numbers of Grimm. They are first seen in "The Next Step", when Beowolves rise from it under Salem's Castle, but the substance is alluded to in "Battle of Beacon" when the Wyvern exuded the substance spawning Grimm like Creeps, Beowolves and Ursai.

When Humanity was destroyed by the Gods, leaving Salem the last Human on the planet, she threw herself into the Pools of Grimm wanting to die, but due to her immortality it mutated her into her current self.


Land of Darkness during the time of the Gods

The land was made by the God of Darkness as his home while residing in the world among Humanity. Due to the nature of the domain, very few ever dared to venture close, and none have ever come to offer praise to the Dark God.

When the God of Light denied Salem's plea to bring back Ozma, she turned to his brother in hopes of being granted her request. The God of Darkness emerged from his pool in a disturbing manner, but Salem was not swayed at his appearance. At first, the God of Darkness was pleased to receive a request from a Human and granted her wish, but later destroyed Ozma when realized he was being used. In her rage, Salem attempted to retaliate with her magic, but was transported away by the God of Light.

In the wake of Humanity's destruction and the Gods' departure, Salem found herself wandering the broken world alone. Eventually, she was led back to the dark domain, above the Dark God's former residence. In her desperation, she was hoping the Pools of Grimm would be enough to kill her. However, due to Salem's immortality, she emerged from the dark substance transformed with a desire for destruction.

Salem overlooking the landscape

Many eras later, Salem has chosen to make the land her residence and base of operations for her plans. From here, she chooses to engage in her war from the shadows against Ozma.

Following her forces failure at Haven Academy and learning that the Relic of Knowledge was headed to Atlas, Salem decided to personally lead the attack. She created an army of Grimm as well as Monstra to carry her forces to Atlas.


  • The initials of the Land of Darkness and Domain of Light are mirrored, tying into them being opposite of each other.
  • "Lusus Naturae" refers to the Grimm as having been "created in a Netherworld" and hurled into "this realm", possibly referencing the Land of Darkness.


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