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Lancers are large hornet-like[2] Creatures of Grimm first encountered in the episode "Dread in the Air" of RWBY Volume 5.

There are two types: a smaller, more common version called a Warrior Drone[3] and a larger variation known as a Queen Lancer.


Lancers have a three-segmented black body with three sets of legs. They have a white armored mask and armor along their back. On the back of their abdomen, the armor is in four overlapping plates. They have jagged pincers, antenna, four red transparent wings and a stinger.

The standard Lancer is referred to as a warrior drone in The World of RWBY: The Official Companion companion.

A Queen Lancer is close in size to an Atlas cargo airship and has seven overlapping plates. Even the smaller Lancers are quite large, as their abdomen is approximately as long as Ruby Rose's height.[4]


In "The Mission", Lancers are amongst the Grimm invading Kuchinashi.

In "Dread in the Air" a swarm of Lancers is witnessed by Weiss Schnee tearing apart a Mistral airship after already making another crash while flying through the floating islands of Lake Matsu. After destroying the second the swarm turns its attention onto the cargo airship that Weiss is on.

After a long chase, they are defeated by Weiss. However, a Queen Lancer shows up immediately after, drawn by the sounds of the battle. After a long fight, the Queen is defeated by Weiss' summoned Arma Gigas, but not before damaging the cargo airship causing it to crash.

After defeating the Queen, Weiss is later shown to be able to summon one on command using her Glyphs, which quickly becomes one of her most frequently used Summons.

Team CFVY is attacked by Lancers whilst defending Feldspar in RWBY: After the Fall.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Lancer is capable of firing its stinger while keeping it attached to its body via an organic tether, functioning like a harpoon. The stinger is strong enough to pull apart the wooden frame of a Mistral airship as well as breaching a metal hull. A Queen Lancer has the added ability to fire out the spikes on its face. They also showed more intelligence compared to other Grimm, as they engaged in a coordinated attack. Some of them held down a ship, while one of them sacrificed itself to take it down.


  • The Lancers are foreshadowed in "Welcome to Haven" when the cargo airship Weiss has taken refuge on receives a distress call from an airship under attack by Grimm.
  • The news organization Lance of Liberty has a Lancer as their logo.[5]


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