Be seen, not heard.
—The Lady Browning's Preparatory Academy For Girls' motto

Lady Browning's Preparatory Academy For Girls was a prestigious school for wealthy and socialite girls located in the City of Vale, and was secretly a faction of spies and assassins aligned with Spider. The Academy's Headmaster was Beatrix Browning, also known as Lady Beat.

Neopolitan, Melanie Malachite, and Miltia Malachite were students of this academy, prior to it being publicly exposed for its criminal actions and rendered inactive by Lisa Lavender, who'd been given information on it by Roman Torchwick and Neo.


The school resembled a small castle, with its most prominent features in its pink-granite walls being three tall, arched windows with a short tower on its the center window, and a based arched entryway with the school's name carved into it. Inside, frames with pictures of previous students were lined on the wall, and its atmosphere was that decorations were meant to be looked at, and not touched. Dorm rooms were cramped, with up to twenty girls sharing each room.

Lady Browning's Preparatory Academy For Girls is a prestigious school for the wealthy daughters of Remnant, taught by a woman named Lady Beat. The school taught their students under Lady Beat's motto of "being seen, not heard." Publicly, the school was focused on mannerisms and social etiquette, teaching classes such as Sewing or “The Art of the Smile”.

Students were asked to wear a uniform; a dark blue jacket, white blouse, gold scarf, and knee-length dresses complimented by black tights and high-heeled boots. As per Neopolitan's descriptions, the outfit was "smart, sexy, and dangerous." They were adorned by a silver triskelion pin, and upon graduation, were given a golden pin in its place. There was a strict rule enforced that girls were not to leave campus, or risk expulsion, and to wear their uniforms. As later revealed in the novel, these pins were all hidden body cameras, used by Lady Beat to spy on socialite girls who would "give access" to secrets of Vale, information worth billions of Lien.

However, the school had a secret and illegal plot behind it, a training program that involved taking young women and turning them into elite spies and assassins for Spider, the school's partner. Students who would learn to "deceive" the headmistress would be offered a new selection of classes suited to the program, including Self-Defense, Social Engineering, The Art of Escape, and Fencing. They would employ corrupt Huntresses such as Manda Rin to help train the girls working for Lady Beat.

Students of the secret program would be moved to a new floor, where they would live much more luxurious lives, and would be given more freedom. Neo, the Malachite Twins, and a girl named Laurel were known students in the program. Mando Rin and Neo's mother, Carmel Vanille, are graduates of the program.

The Room, a hall in which only Lady Beat was given permission to enter, was a large hall filled with computers. These computers would include the footage and audio of every triskelion pin from graduates and students of the academy.


Lady Browning's Preparatory Academy For Girls was founded by Beatrix Browning, a socialite woman with criminal and spy affiliations, having partnered with Spider at some point.

Carmel Vanille and Manda Rin both graduated from the Academy's secret program, with the former eventually marrying Jimmy Vanille, siphoning money to the Academy through "charity", and the latter becoming a Huntress and private tutor for future assassins.

When an 18-year old Trivia Vanille acts and nearly burns down a part of the Vanille Estate, Carmel decides to take her daughter to the Academy, in hopes that she would turn to be an assassin and spy for Spider. Trivia meets Lady Beat and is left to study there.

At the same time, Lil' Miss Malachite sends her twin daughters, Melanie and Miltia, to spy and kill Roman Torchwick, an ex-Spider deserter. They quickly join the school's elite program to hone their skills.

After a scuffle between an unknowing Trivia, the Malachite Twins, and Roman, Lady Beat recruits Trivia (who unbeknownst to them takes the new name Neopolitan, or Neo) to help kill Torchwick. However, the rising criminal reveals to know about this faction, and charms Neo into not selling him out.

Neo is pressured to help kill Roman, and between her torn allegiances and feelings of superiority, she soon realizes the organization's connection to Spider. Neo breaks into The Room, and learns about the Academy's ulterior scheme: using triskelion pin body cameras to obtain information worth billions of Lien, pressuring the Xiong crime family out of Vale so that Spider can take its place. Neo copies this information to a hard drive, with intents to bring it to Roman to sell it out.

Meanwhile, Lady Beat and Lil' Miss break into Roman's apartment in Vale with other Spiders, capturing him with the intent to take him to Mistral to make an example out of.

Neo takes the hard drive to Hei Xiong, the leader of the Xiong Family and father of Junior Xiong, where she plans on selling the information so that he can order the police under his thumb to expose the group. Instead, Xiong decides to try and use Neo as leverage to negotiate a deal with her father to obtain more Dust. Neo defeats Xiong, and escapes to rescue Roman.

Neo and Roman hide in the Vanille Estate, where Jimmy and Carmel soon backstab them, Neo's father attempting to settle his score with Xiong by giving him Dust and allowing him to wipe out Spider. Meanwhile, Carmel betrays the Academy to improve her family's condition, allowing Spider and Xiong to wipe each other out so that she could take the Dust for herself - using the data and Dust to allow her husband emergency powers over Dust imports in Vale, creating a new syndicate.

Xiong and Spider, with the help of the Academy, start a gunfight outside the Estate, with the heads of the Academy and Xiong forming a truce inside the building to take the hard drive from the Vanille Family and Torchwick. Lady Beat and Hei Xiong tie up and kill Carmel inside, and the latter has a confrontation with Roman and Neo.

Roman sells the hard drive to Lisa Lavendar and the police, exposing the secret organization to the public. When Roman and Neo escape, Lil' Miss fires at the Vanille Estate, triggering and exploding the Dust inside the building, seemingly killing Xiong and Neo's parents, Jimmy and Carmel. While Lady Beat survived, her career was ruined following her exposure. With the faction in shambles, Lil' Miss and Spider retreat to Mistral, abandoning their mission in Vale and leaving the Academy to rot.

Former Students


  • There was a class for Diction. Neo wasn't particularly happy that she got stuck taking it, since she was a mute; there was no way for her to use her Scroll's voice feature to improve since it came out coarse toned.
  • After the organization's fall, the triskelion pin emblem is taken by Neo, who begins to use it as her own, personal emblem. This is similar to Weiss Schnee and Winter Schnee, who use the Schnee Dust Company emblem as their own.
  • According to E. C. Myers, the school wasn't inspired by any spy school story, but he loved the idea of having the school be more than it seemed and more dangerous than you expect. The surveillance aspect of the school however was inspired by real-world events.[2]


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