Team FNKI vs. Team JNR and Oscar "Sparks" Lost
Battle of Atlas "Witch" Won


Sparring Match

Team FNKI after a sparring match with Team JNR and Oscar

Kobalt, alongside the remainder of his team, sparred with Team JNPR and Oscar Pine in Atlas Academy. He is seen battling against Oscar Pine and his strength is evident as he grabs and holds Oscar off the ground by the hair minutes before getting kicked away. His team is defeated moments later, and he appears very nonchalant during the conversation, especially when Nora makes the sandwich comment. He, along with the rest of Team FNKI leave to get food afterward. Kobalt and his teammates invited Yang and Blake Belladonna for dancing on the night of the election.

Episode Covering These Events

Battle of Atlas

Kobalt alongside his teammates follow Winter Schnee's orders to secure a delivery zone for the bomb, which they planned to use on Monstra. Donning armor they engage the next wave of Grimm.

Episode Covering These Events
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