Kobalt is a character in RWBY. He first appeared in the Volume 7 episode "Sparks" as a member of Team FNKI.

During the Battle of Atlas, he and his team fought as soldiers in the Atlas Military to defend the Kingdom from the Grimm invasion. It is unknown what happened to him following the destruction of Atlas.


Kobalt is a tall man with dark blue eyes, fair skin and long dark blue hair styled into low pigtails. He wears a light blue shirt and blue-gray jeans under a matching vest and legging armor set, respectively. He has two large french navy shoulder pauldrons with yellow highlights, a partial duster attached to his right hip and covering his right upper leg. He has navy gloves with ultramarine and yellow accents and calf-length dark blue boots. His gloves are asymmetrical, with the left being longer and covered by a forearm-length gauntlet.


Much of Kobalt's personality is still unknown as he doesn't talk in his introduction similarly to Ivori, but he appears to be more short tempered and serious in nature compared to the latter.

Powers and Abilities

Kobalt was shown to be a skilled combatant, with him having successfully qualified to enter into Atlas Academy and later presumably contributed to helping his team in passing the preliminary team battle of the Vytal Festival into advancing into the double team stage.

Based on his fighting style, Kobalt seems to excel in hand-to-hand combat using his fists to fight against Oscar Pine during their sparring match.


  • Cobalt is a chemical element with the symbol Co and silver-gray color.
  • Kobalt's predominately blue color scheme connects with cobalt blue; a synthetic pigment made from cobalt and aluminum oxide.
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