Episode 6 - "Known by its Song"

  1. Text - At 5:02, the word "progress" is misspelled on a mission board.
  2. Model - At 10:30, Yang Xiao Long destroys the coffee table, and the pieces are seen on the floor. However, when the floor is visible again at 10:51, the pieces have disappeared. Then, at 11:02, the pieces have returned.
  3. Model - Throughout the scene with Raven Branwen, Weiss Schnee and Yang, Raven does not have Omen with her. Even after changing back to her human form at 12:54, her weapon is not present. However, at 13:08, it suddenly appears on her left hip.
  4. Action and Sound - From 14:54 to 14:56, the action and sound of Nora Valkyrie eating a carrot piece do not match up.

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