Volume 4[edit | edit source]

Remembrance[edit | edit source]

Hot coffee, Miss Schnee? I always find he keeps his study dreadfully cold.
—Klein, to Weiss Schnee

Taking Control[edit | edit source]

I suppose she'd be the only family you have left after tonight.
—Klein, to Weiss, about Winter Schnee

Volume 8[edit | edit source]

War[edit | edit source]

Please don’t worry, my snowflake, it had nothing to do with you. And everything to do with Jacques.
—Klein, reassuring Weiss that she is not to blame for him being fired from Schnee Manor.
Ah, young Whitley. I’m so glad that you rang! May I please see the patient? I understand it’s urgent.
—Klein, to Whitley
I haven’t been gone that long, Master Whitley. I believe I can find it.
—Klein, to Whitley

Dark[edit | edit source]

No need to worry, miss. You and your friend are going to be just fine.
—Klein, to Nora Valkyrie
Even based on what you've told me, I hardly know what she is. (coughs) Ahem, but, her basic anatomy seems similar enough. I can at least stitch up that wound.
—Klein, to Ruby about Penny's condition
One step at a time, my dear. (sneezes)
—Klein, to Ruby
You can't worry about fixing everything. Simply focus on what's in front of you. If you'd like some place to start, I'd be able to work faster if you could bring the power back on.
—Klein, to Ruby

About Klein[edit | edit source]

I'll always have you.
—Weiss, telling Klein that she considers him family.
I’m afraid you won’t find him here. He was let go. I can’t imagine why.
—Whitley, informing Weiss about Klein no longer works at Schnee Manor
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