The world of Remnant is a dangerous place, particularly for man. In the countless years that humanity has roamed the planet, civilizations have grown and fallen. But four have withstood the test of time: Atlas (light on northern continent), Mistral (east), Vacuo (west), Vale (center). These four kingdoms, with the help of natural barriers and human tenacity, have proven that they have the will to survive.

Each kingdom has a governing council to represent the people and their needs. Next, comes the military. While most kingdoms only call on its citizens to serve when needed, others find it important to be... prepared.

There are still those who choose to venture outside the walls of the kingdoms. Roaming nomads and small villages are not uncommon. Yet neither is their tendency to... disappear, overnight. Lastly, the Huntsmen academies. These institutions' sole purpose is to train the next generation of Huntsmen. The next generation of defenders that will live and die to protect the lifestyle that they've become so accustomed to.

Yes, the world of Remnant is indeed a dangerous place. But the four kingdoms stand as beacons of hope. As safe havens from the darkness that surrounds them. They are the key to mankind's survival, as long as they stand united... (lights extinguished)

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