RWBY: Fairy Tales of Remnant

The King

Nearly a century before the events of RWBY, the King was involved in a significant conflict that would later be referred to as the Great War, which pitted Vale and Vacuo against Mistral and Mantle. In the years leading up to the war, the King, in an effort to avoid conflict decided to share the small islands on the east coast of Sanus with Mistral's settlers, but his citizens disagreed with this choice. A riot broke out between two bands of settlers and devolved into the first battle of the Great War.

It was finally resolved in Vacuo, when Mistral and Mantle attempted to take the Kingdom's Dust mines to cut off Vale and Vacuo's supply. In the ensuing battle, the King of Vale personally led his army alongside Vacuo's, where he laid waste to countless men, thus earning him the nickname the Warrior King.

In the aftermath, the leaders of the four kingdom gathered on the island of Vytal to discuss the future of Remnant. It was here that the King founded the Huntsman Academies, which were designed to train warriors that would solely fight the Grimm. He also placed his most trusted followers in command of each school. In reality, their actual purpose was to safeguard the Relics, which he distributed to each school.

After his death, his next incarnation Ozpin, would go on to become the youngest Headmaster of Beacon Academy.

Ozpin claims that the King of Vale was inspired by the Mistralian tale of The Hunter's Children when developing the Huntsmen Academies, taking the four-man squad and ideals of the tale as lessons to heart and using them as foundational cores to the Huntsman ideology.

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