Crown atop his head and armed only with a sword and his scepter, he laid waste to countless men.
—King of Vale, during the Great War

The King of Vale was the ruler of Vale during the Great War, and an incarnation of the ancient warrior Ozma. He was most known for his creation of the Huntsman Academies, institutions that would train Huntsmen and Huntresses to battle the Grimm, and whose allegiance would not be tied to an individual Kingdom.

Following his death, Ozma eventually reincarnated into Ozpin.


He has only appeared through the World of Remnant, so his appearance is likely symbolic.

The King was a muscular man with long hair and a long flowing cape.


The King of Vale was seemingly wise, having been a warrior who took inspiration from popular fairy tales and drawing inspiration from them when creating the Huntsman Academies.

Ozma does not seem to have many regrets about this life.


  • It is unknown if there was an incarnation of Ozma between the King of Vale and Ozpin, but given the timeframe it is possible there was at least one.


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