Khaki is a member of Team SMMK, a team of Huntsmen who appeared in Kuchinashi recently, carving themselves a reputation for being annoying, in part due to their overly self-indulgent theatrics. She is revealed to be apart of the Wave along with her team, serving as an antagonist in RWBY: The Grimm Campaign. She makes her debut in "Where There's Smoke...".


Khaki has light skin and dark hair, she wears a fur-trimmed aviator jacket and black gloves.


Khaki, like the rest of her team, was okay with working for a criminal organization like the Wave as long as they got paid in the end. She was also okay with using violence on Daff to threaten Team SAFR and later blow up the side of a mountain to kill them.

While working for them, she acted as extra security for Lemon's stolen airship carrying Magic artifacts. She was also shown to take her job seriously and became suspicious of Fenix Nemean until he managed to throw her off.

Despite working for the Wave, Khaki and her team had no real loyalty to them and left Lemon to fend for herself after they stole a Magic artifact from her ship and used it to teleport out of there.

Powers and Abilities

Due to her team being hired by the Wave, Khaki is a very powerful Huntress due to being able to fight against Team SAFR.


  • Khaki is a pale tan-like color.


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