Volume 4[edit | edit source]

Menagerie[edit | edit source]

We were horrified when we heard the news. The Kingdom of Vale isn't perfect, but it certainly didn't deserve what happened. Oh, we were both so worried.
—Kali, about Vale
I like him.
—Kali, about Sun Wukong

A Much Needed Talk[edit | edit source]

A father's never too busy for his daughter.
—Kali, encouraging Blake Belladonna to talk to Ghira Belladonna
You've never been very talkative, but that boy you brought home loves to run his mouth. I wanna hear more about the adventures of Team RWBY.
—Kali, to Blake

Taking Control[edit | edit source]

Oh! Oh, dear, would you look at that. He's awake.
—Kali to Ghira, after interrupting Sun and Blake

Volume 5[edit | edit source]

Welcome to Haven[edit | edit source]

Well at least you two can finally agree on something.
—to Sun and Ghira

Alone Together[edit | edit source]

Get out of my house!
—to the White Fang Members
—Kali, as she calls out to Ghira for help

Haven's Fate[edit | edit source]

The police rounded up the remaining White Fang members. Haven is safe.
—Kali, to Blake about the current situation
And they'll need a new leader.
—Kali, to Ghira
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