Just Rite is a fuel station with a bar located somewhere in the Anima wilderness. It is staffed by a lone bartender. It is first seen in "Welcome to Haven".

Description[edit | edit source]

Just Rite is a fuel station situated somewhere in the wilderness of Anima, far from any Kingdom. It is elevated above the ground on a wide road going through a forest. It features what appear to be two landing pads for refueling aircraft.

Four pumps are on the platform for ground vehicles and two pumps on the landing pad on the building.

The inside of the building is one large room with a bar counter and many shelves lined with different products and refrigerated shelves for cold beverages. There are also two doors leading to a bathroom and a "staff only" room.

History[edit | edit source]

In "Welcome to Haven", Yang Xiao Long visits the station to refuel her motorcycle, Bumblebee, and buy a beverage while traveling through Anima in search for her mother, Raven Branwen. Shay D. Mann hits on her and she punches him out of the building. The bartender thanks her as the bandit was being annoying. She tells him she is searching for Raven and her Bandit tribe and he tries warning her that bandits are trouble. When she tries to leave Shay gets her attention and reveals himself to be one of Raven's bandits. He then leads her to the bandit's camp.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The name "Just Rite", as well as Yang's brief exchange with the Shay D. Mann, is a reference to her Goldilocks allusion.

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