"Yellow" Trailer

Aren't you a little young to be in this club, Blondie?
—Junior, to Yang Xiao Long
(slightly strained) Listen, Blondie, sir! If you wanna make it outta this club alive, then I suggest you let me go. Now!
—Junior, to Yang
You're gonna pay for this.
—Junior, to Yang

Volume 2

Painting the Town...

What are you two idiots doing?!
—Junior, to his Henchmen who suddenly block the entrance
Blondie! You're here. ...Why?
—Junior, to Yang after ordering his men not to shoot
Torchwick hired my boys, and I guess he wasn't happy with them. WHICH IS SOMETHING I CAN RELATE TO!
—Junior, explaining his relationship with Roman Torchwick to Yang

RWBY: Amity Arena

As information broker for all things Vale, Junior's nightclub is a hotspot for all kinds of characters. Including a minor--- who he almost kissed, beat up his men, knocked the DJ out, pummeled his girls, and punched him so hard, that his club blew up


RWBY: Amity Arena
Minor Characters
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