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Not much is known about Junior's past. It is suggested that he has a history as an information broker, keeping tabs on the various goings-on of Remnant. He is said to have a reputation for knowing everything and has business connections with underworld figures such as Roman Torchwick.

Junior runs a club and has a large number of henchmen, though it is not clear when it was established or if he has any business partners.


"Yellow" Trailer

Yang Xiao Long arrives at the club and walks up to the bar to pressure Junior into telling her what he knew about a woman she was trying to find. When he says he does not have information about the woman, Yang begins to leave, but Junior has his men surround her due to her physically aggressive behavior toward him.

She feigns at kissing Junior then sucker-punches him to the other side of the club. After Yang defeats of all his subordinates, Junior fights her himself. After he rips some of her hair out, Yang activates her Semblance and knocks him out the window of the severely damaged club.

Following his defeat at Yang's hands, he resigns himself to help give her information on Raven Branwen. However, he revealed to Yang that he really didn't know anything about her and was unable to her with her search for her mother.

Painting the Town...

Junior manages to rebuild the club after Yang wrecked it, and some months later, Yang and Neptune Vasilias arrive to learn what Junior may know about the plans Roman and the White Fang were making.

Junior tells them that Torchwick contracted his men to assist in Dust robberies, but Torchwick was apparently disappointed with his men's performance as he never heard from Torchwick or his men again. It's implied that they were arrested by the Vale Police Department.

Following the Fall of Beacon, Junior was likely forced to abandon his club after the Grimm entered the city.

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