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Junior's Bazooka is a rocket launcher-club hybrid weapon owned by Junior Xiong. It has two different forms: a club form and a bazooka form.

The latter form has the ability to launch multiple rockets simultaneously. It was broken during Junior's fight with Yang Xiao Long at the end of the "Yellow" Trailer.

The weapon's appearance could possibly be based on a bottle of alcohol, as in its club form, it shares a visual similarity. Furthermore, when broken by Yang, the Bazooka behaved like a glass bottle would when it is broken, having jagged and sharp edges where it was shattered.


  • The animation used when Junior's Bazooka fires is similar to, or the same as, the missile pod used in Red vs. Blue Season 10, a previous work of Monty Oum.
  • At the RWBY panel at RTX 2013, Monty stated that when designing the weapon, he wanted to give a more toned-down look in comparison to previous weapons. However, after being unsatisfied with simply giving Junior a bat and a couple grenades, he decided to add a bazooka component to the bat.

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