Volume 7

A Night Off

Don't worry... it's in the bag.
—Joanna, reassuring Robyn about the election

Volume 8


The largest Grimm horde ever seen is hovering over the tundra, and out there is a city full of people with no heat and, from what you told us, no more military protection. And while we're happy to give you guys a place to lie low for a while… It's time to get those people some help.
—Joanna, to Ruby's Group
The crater. Beneath Atlas. It's not safe, but it's warm, and with everyone in one place, we can do a better job protecting them. May can send you where you're needed most. We've got to get everyone down into that crater before nightfall. In the slums, we might have a chance.
—Joanna, to Ruby's Group
Either you're helping, or you're baggage.
—Joanna to Weiss Schnee


Citizens of Mantle, General Ironwood has abandoned you, but we have not! If you can hear this, gather any food and supplies you need to stay warm, then head to the Mantle crater. The Grimm are starting to make their way back into the city, but we can hold the line if we all come together. If we don't, well… you've all seen what's waiting for us out in the storm. It's time to show your teeth, Mantle.
—Joanna, to Mantle
You're doing great Fi. Robyn would be proud.
—Joanna, to Fiona
How else was I supposed to get the word out? Besides it seems to be working.
—Joanna, to Fiona
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