Volume 6Edit


Wonderful. Tell me, what knowledge do you seek?
—Jinn, after Ruby Rose called her name
I am Jinn, a being created by the God of Light to aid Humanity in its pursuit of knowledge.
—Jinn introduces herself
I've been graced with the ability to answer three questions every 100 years. You're in luck, as I am still able to answer-
—Jinn, before she is interrupted by Ozpin
-two questions this era.
—Jinn, finishing her sentence after being interrupted
It's a pleasure to see you again, old man.
—Jinn, addressing Ozpin
Once upon a time, there stood a lonely tower that sheltered a lonely girl... named Salem.
—Jinn, telling a story about Salem

The Lost FableEdit

You can't.
—Jinn, answering Ozma's query on how to defeat Salem

Our WayEdit

I know... and while you don't seek knowledge, just this once, I shall give it freely. I will not allow you to use me without a question again... Even if this was clever.
—Jinn, to Ruby

About JinnEdit

Her name is Jinn. Say her name to summon her.

RWBY: Amity ArenaEdit

In the battle against the Leviathan Grimm, Ruby Rose used the Relic of Knowledge to buy herself some time. Though amused by it, Jinn kindly asked that it never be used like that again. Buuut, that's in real life. While this, is a game. So nothing can stop us from abusing it! Are you ready to stop time and use it to your own advantage?? Because we sure are! Jinn doesn't have to... "know!"

​"I will not allow you to use me without a question again... Even if this was clever." -Jinn"
RWBY: Amity Arena

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