God of Light

Jinn is the God of Light's creation.


Ruby Rose

During the fight against a Leviathan in Argus, she gets annoy at Ruby for summoning her without a question, but she going to allow it once and warns her the next time she summon her, she will expect a question. Jin also calls Ruby clever to use her power to stop time in order to buy some time to use her silver eyes power on the Grimm.



There is not much interaction between them, but Jinn seems to be pleased to see Ozpin in his recent reincarnation. However, she ignores Ozpin's plea about revealing the two questions she has left in "Uncovered", refuting his earlier claim to Team RWBY and Team JNPR that no questions remained in the current era.


During her tale of Ozpin's past in "The Lost Fable", she shows how Ozma summoned her and asked many questions. When being asked on how he could destroy Salem, she succinctly replied: "You can't.".

Minor Characters