Why hello again old man. Did you have a question for me?

Jinn is a spirit that resides in the Relic of Knowledge. She can be summoned by the user calling out her name, at which point Jinn can answer three questions every one hundred years.

She first appears in "Uncovered", and a statue of her at Haven is seen in "The More the Merrier".


Similar to Ambrosius, Jinn's appearance is that of a Human, but much larger. Her skin is light blue that glows and gives off smoke, similarly to the Relic of Knowledge. She has elongated, pointed ears, and lacks some Human anatomy. She also has long, flowing dark blue hair. Her eyes are dark blue in the sclerae and pupils and a lighter blue in the irises. Her nails and toenails are dark blue. Trailing below her waist is a veil of a wisp-like smoke resembling the skirt of a dress.

Jinn appears nude-like and wears only various accessories, all of which are gold: a chain headdress, big hooped earrings, an extra earring in the right ear, a choker, cuffs on her wrists with chains dangling from them like broken shackles, a single bracelet on her left forearm, anklets, and a belt of chains around her waist that ends in a large ring with three prongs. Her accessories aesthetically derive from the Relic of Knowledge. Both the choker and the anklets are shaped like the band wrapped around the Relic's orb and the rings in Jinn's ears and belt look similar to the Relic's handle.

Haven Statue

The statue at Haven adapts her wearing a halter dress and includes some of her gold ornaments like the earrings, headdress chained shackles and belt, albeit slightly different to her actual self. The statue also includes light rays behind her. Her body is positioned as to hold up the Grand Hall platform which doubles as an elevator to the Haven Vault.


Jinn is a wise, humble yet blunt and straightforward being, answering questions and not holding back on any of the knowledge she presents. She appears to be playful or nostalgic, calling Ozpin 'old man' when she sees him. Jinn does not appreciate people misusing the relic's unintended mechanics and was annoyed when Ruby Rose's only summoned her to stop time without asking any question, however she found some humor in the girl's ingenuity. Jinn forbade Ruby from doing it again, but allowed the girl to take a break that one time. Jinn has no problem with being asked to appear as long as it is in the pursuit of knowledge, such as when Oscar Pine summoned her for Hazel Rainart, as her appearance confirmed what he wished to know.

Jinn also takes delight of knowing valuable information that others are unlikely to ask for. When summoned in Monstra by Oscar alongside Hazel and Emerald Sustrai, she knew that Neopolitan was in the room with them and thinks that the trio would greatly benefit from this information should they ask the relevant question.[1]

It is clear that she is not bound to any specific person or cause except the person holding the Relic of Knowledge, as she ignored Ozpin's pleads for her to be silent and later assisted Cinder Fall despite knowing full well what the latter intended to do with the knowledge she obtains from her. She does however still feels affection towards some people as her face showed regret for showing Cinder how to counter Ruby's plan. This is because while she is supposed to be impartial to the user of her Relic, she was given a benevolent nature by the God of Light and ultimately wants Humanity to succeed.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Jinn is a powerful being created by the God of Light, and though the full extent of her powers are unknown, it is clear she is an nigh-omniscient keeper of knowledge. She knows the answer to any question as well as any secret or knowledge that other people possess or have witnessed, such as Oscar being the current incarnation of Ozma.

She can transport others into another dimension which she can freely control and shape at will in order to show her users visions or memories from the past. However, she cannot answer questions about the future - only present or past knowledge. She also has some degree of control over being summoned, as she alludes to not allowing herself to be "used" unless the user intends to ask a question.

When summoned, time stops, with the exception of Jinn and the user.



  • Jinn (الجن al-jinn, also romanized as "djinn"; commonly anglicized as "genies") are supernatural creatures in early pre-Islamic Arabian and later Islamic mythology. The greatest magicians in Arabic lore were able to capture djinn to their service and tied them to items such as lamps or rings. The Djinn granted wishes to whoever helped them out of gratitude. Both these aspects were popularized by the folk tale of "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp", featured in One Thousand and One Nights, where a poor boy finds an oil lamp in which a wish-granting jinni was concealed.
    • "Jinn" is plural. A single member of the jinn is called a "jinni" (الجني al-jinnī, also romanized as "djinni"; commonly anglicized as "genie")


  • The Grand Hall in Haven Academy, where the Relic of Knowledge was hidden, includes a statue representing Jinn. The statue itself acts as a hidden elevator to the Vault where the Relic is hidden which could be opened using Leonardo Lionheart's pocket watch.
  • A CRWBY: Behind the Episode segment focused on Jinn's creation, noting her character was meant to be ethereal, hence her floating, her hair always moving and her "dress" made out of smoke.[3]
    • They also mention that the jewelry portion of her design was influenced by both the Haven Academy statue and the Relic of Knowledge that contains her.
  • According to character concept art, Jinn is approximately 12 feet tall, which makes her the tallest female in the series. Only Ambrosius stand taller than her, at 13'0 feet.
  • Jinn was meant to be an objective outside observer, but also a storyteller.[4]


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