My name is Jessica Cruz. Like you, Clark... I have a great power. And I am to blame for what has happened to the people of your planet. Tell me, Ruby Rose. Would you like to know what's really going on?
—Jessica Cruz, in Chapter 8: The Ambush

Jessica Cruz is a main character who first appeared in RWBY/Justice League. She is based on her DC Comics counterpart Jessica Cruz. She first appears in Issue 8 (Digital) and Issue 4 (Print).

During the final battle against Starro, he brainwashed her with his powers and became his strongest pawn, turning her against Team RWBY and the Justice League.


Jessica is a woman with lightly-tanned skin, green eyes and wavy, voluminous back length black hair that has a large green streak running from the front center to the right side. She sports a sleeveless crew neck top that is black on the upper portion and green on the lower portion under a white waist clincher that has yellow laces. She wears a pair of green, black side-striped trousers tucked into a pair of white knee high-heeled boots that have flared tops with a small lace-up section on the front. She also sports a green sash that is doubled over her shoulders and pinned with a white badge with the Green Lantern symbol on it. She also has a pair of white elbow length gloves with the right having a black studded band on the trim whilst the left has a green band tied around the trim.

She also sports a large white Green Lantern symbol over her right eye alongside dark green lipstick and a Green Lantern ring.

When Starro brainwashed Jessica, her eyes and green streak turn rainbow colors.


Jessica is a heroic, kind-hearted, and wise woman. In her first appearance, she saves Victor Stone from an explosion and returns him to Remnant's surface. She is immediately willing to save Team RWBY and the Justice League from the brainwashed Huntsmen and Huntresses in Vale.

Jessica is a responsible person, being entirely dedicated to protecting the multiverse from universal beings such as Starro, but is not against sharing this information with others, quickly explaining everything in detail about her mission to Team RWBY and the Justice Leagues.

After Starro brainwashes her into serving him however, she was unable to resist like his other victims and turned on her friends while projecting their own traumas against them.

Powers and Abilities

Through her Power Ring, Jessica is gifted with the power of creation, being able to conjure constructs using her own willpower. Furthermore, she is able to fly and summon materials from the memory of others, such as nacre shells she created using Diana Prince's imagination. The source of this power comes from an order of Guardians who watch over the multiverse. Jessica’s Power Ring can also project an illusion of person’s fears, regrets, and traumas when a brainwashed Jessica used it on her friends.

She is considered to be by far the strongest member of the Justice League, surpassing even Clark Kent who is stated to be the second strongest.


Furthermore, her power was further amplified by a Semblance she received on Remnant's surface which has yet to be detailed.


Prior to the start of the series, Jessica received a Power Ring and was enlisted by the Green Lantern Corps to help protect the universe, having been assigned to protect a "part of existence" of unknown size, in which Remnant exists. Over the years, she made an enemy of the conqueror, Starro, which she chased for some time before losing track of him for approximately two decades. Arriving in Remnant, Jessica was shocked to have learned about the existence of Semblances, but continued to purse Starro.

In her first appearance, Jessica saves Victor Stone after the spaceship he had been piloting exploded in Remnant's atmosphere. Later, she appears during a fight between Team RWBY, the Justice League, and several mind-controlled Huntsmen and Faunus, rescuing the former two groups after noting Starro's mind control on the Huntsmen and Faunus.

After making an escape, Jessica explains her origin and reveals Starro to the group as she shows a hologram of the universe, Remnant included. There, she enlists their help in stopping Starro, explaining Starro's intent to conquer the world through the use of powerful Semblances and the might of the Atlas Military.

Shortly after, Arthur Curry takes the group to Atlantis, a city lost to time which is his home. There, they have a moment to rest while Arthur gathers intel from spies in Atlantis, discovering that Starro has aligned with Mr. Lloyd, and the two plan on taking the Dust weaponry to a hanger on the coast of Atlas. The group spends on last night in Atlantis to prepare and enjoy themselves, and in the next morning, set off for Atlas to face Starro.

Given how none of Team RWBY or most of the Justice League can fight in deep waters, the team hatches a plan to defeat Starro. Diana, being one of the few who can survive underwater, attacks Starro without being alerted due to being an Automaton, who does not register as human. With that, Arthur and Blake Belladonna draw Starro's forces to battle, where Victor disables them with his technomancy Semblance. As the fight between Starro's forces and the Justice League wages, Starro calls on Team JNPR to provide himself aid.

As the Justice League’s battle against Starro continues, a mind-controlled Team JNPR joins the fray and does battle with their friends, Team RWBY. During the fight, Jessica Cruz’s mind is taken hold by Starro as she tries to help RWBY, and she begins to attack them. As the strongest member of the Justice League, Jessica uses her powers of creation to create images of Raven Branwen, Summer Rose, Adam Taurus, and Jacques Schnee to distract Team RWBY, and the various origins of the members of the Justice League. The Trinity of the Justice League escape the fight, and lure Starro into a Dust hanger off the coast of Atlas, exploding it with him inside, freeing the mind controlled victims.


  • The Remnant version of Jessica Cruz is different from her DC comic counterpart.
    • Almost the entirety of Jessica's character appears to have been changed for the adaptation to the RWBY setting. In DC Comics, Jessica went on a hunting trip with her friends and unfortunately came across mobsters who were burying a body. Unwilling to have witnesses, the mobsters shot and killed Jessica's friends while Jessica herself managed to escape, but was left traumatized by the incident leading to her developing extreme anxiety. Jessica later inherited the ring of the Crime Syndicate's Power Ring, becoming the new Power Ring briefly before becoming another Green Lantern of Earth. As a result, many of her stories are themed around her PTSD, which appears to be entirely absent in the RWBY comics.
    • Her hair in Remnant is brown with green highlights, as opposed to being brown in the DC Comics.
    • Like the other members of the Justice League Jessica shares her color scheme with her DC counterpart.
  • Jessica is a traditionally feminine name with Hebrew roots meaning "rich" or "God beholds" which brings to mind golds whilst Cruz means "cross" in Spanish and Portuguese, either the Christian cross or the figure of transecting lines or ways, which brings to mind browns and silvers.
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