Humans came looking for Faunus with powerful Semblances. They hear talk of some big speedster, then see I'm just good, but not great, and they leave us in peace.
—Jesse, to everyone from Chapter 5: The Fastest Faunus Alive

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Jesse Quick is a support character who first appeared in RWBY/Justice League. She is based on her DC Comics counterpart Jesse Quick.

After Starro is defeated, Jesse awakens her Semblance after Barry's departure and becomes the new protector of Faunus Quarter.


Jesse is a young Faunus woman with long orange hair tied into low pigtails and blue eyes. Jesse’s Faunus trait is an orange and white fox tail. She wears a bright red long-sleeved jumpsuit with yellow shoulders alongside a yellow scarf cape with a matching sash around her waist that is long enough to hide her tail at the back. A silver fox shaped badge is also attached to the sash. She also sports brown leather forearm length gloves and calf high boots. In addition, she wears brown googles with black lenses on the top of her head.


Jesse is a friendly though slightly cocky person as well as protective, such as by helping Barry vet strangers in the Faunus Quarter who were looking for him and other powerful Semblance users.

Powers and Abilities

Jesse gains her Semblance after Barry departs Remnant with the Justice League to the multiverse. Jesse's Semblance gives her the ability to become super fast by leaving a trail of pure yellow flash every time she uses her Semblance.


She first appears in Issue 5 (Digital) Issue 3 (Printed) of RWBY/Justice League where she is spotted and assumed by Ruby and Bruce to be the Speedster for whom they've been looking. Ruby gives chase through the streets of the Faunus Quarter with Jesse fleeing to the roof tops where Ruby falls. It is here Ruby and Bruce meet the true Speedster, Barry Allen. Jesse is revealed to be used by The Flash in order to vet people who were looking for powerful Semblances, believing once they saw she wasn't fast they'd give up. Jesse also reveals that Jaune and Pyrrha have been seen around the Faunus Quarter. Following this Jesse and Barry take Ruby and Bruce back to their home and introduce them to Nora Allen where Ruby and Bruce are invited to stay due to the disappearances happening. Soon, Barry, Ruby, and Bruce set out, leaving Jessie and Nora Allen behind.

She makes an appearance in a flashback when Jessica Cruz explains her origins to Team RWBY and the Justice League.

Later when Starro and his brainwashed army attack, Jesse and Nora Allen hold them off with a barricade. Once the alien is defeated, she returns to her normal life. After this, she develops a super-speed Semblance of her own.


  • References and Differences from the DC Comics version:
    • In the DC Comics Jesse Quick is the nickname of the superhero Jesse Chambers.
    • The DC Comics version of Jesse Quick is a superhuman, while this version is a Faunus.
    • The DC Comics version of Jesse has blond hair, but this version of her has reddish-orange hair.
    • Like the other members of the League introduce Jesse's outfit keeps the color scheme of red and yellow.
  • Jesse is a common first name in many English-speaking countries of English and Dutch origin, derived from the Hebrew name Yishay which means "King" or "God's gift" and brings bright or gold to mind.
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