Jen Brown is the voice actress for Pyrrha Nikos and Lisa Lavender in RWBY.

Other Work

Her other voice roles in Rooster Teeth's animated shows include Agent Carolina in Red vs. Blue, Die-Mond in X-Ray and Vav, and Ered in Camp Camp. She also plays Beth in the live-action Rooster Teeth show Day 5.

Outside of her work with Rooster Teeth, she does voice acting for Harley Quinn in the MMORPG DC Universe Online and co-hosts a podcast about horror genre films, television shows and other media called Women in Caskets.



  • The producers had already thought of Jen Brown as the voice of Pyrrha when presenting her with a script. Jen stated that in order to get into character, she warms up her voice given the character's high register, and stood on her toes, to "get really tall; makes me feel more regal".[1]
  • After the death of Pyrrha in RWBY, Jen Brown posted a heartfelt message to her fans on her Twitter. The message is as follows:[2][3] (the text has been reformatted for the Wiki)
To start let me just say it has been a true honor to play such a vibrant character. Playing Pyrrha meant the absolute world to me and getting to see how much she meant to many of you as well means a lot.
The entire Rooster Teeth team and RWBY crew deserves so much praise for how beautifully the show was handled. I have known from the minute I was cast 3 years ago that this would be Pyrrha's fate. It was Monty's intention from the start. And although it is kind of a relief to no longer have to keep it to myself, I am very sad that her journey has come to an end. Watching that final scene was beyond emotional for me. When you've invested so much into a character it is hard to let them go.
Most importantly I thank Monty. I miss him every day and thank him for trusting me with Pyrrha. Monty also intended for me to play other roles after Pyrrha's exit and although I have no further details right now... I fully trust that Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross will stay true to his wishes and have me back as someone new. I love those guys.
I have loved hearing everyone's theories & kind words & it's crazy to know that I played a small part in bringing joy to so many.
I end by giving my heartfelt gratitude to you the viewer. You guys are seriously the best. And for the last time, I'm sorry!
Oh yeah, and also... Long live Lisa Lavender!!!
  • According to fellow voice actor Shannon McCormick, although Pyrrha's death was an emotional moment for Jen, the impact was somewhat lessened as she returned to recording for her just a few weeks later for RWBY Chibi.[4]


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