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Jax Asturias is a character from RWBY: Before the Dawn and served as the main antagonist of the novel. He was a former Huntsman hailing from Shade Academy who deserted in order to restore the Vacuan monarchy, ruling as a king and leader of The Crown.

Following his failed attempt to destroy Shade Academy, he was lobotimized by the combined powers of Yatsuhashi Daichi's Memory Wiping Semblance and his sister's Aura Siphon enhancement. He was later arrested by the authorities along with the other members of the Crown.


Jax has black hair which is tied into a top knot, with a silver diadem over his head. He wears a blue linen duster embroidered with spirals. The shapes seem to swirl on the fabric whenever Jax uses his Semblance.


At his very core, Jax seemingly relishes death and destruction. He has no real ambitions beyond feeding his own fragile ego and lust for conquest and cares little for the lives of the people that he has to step over in order to see his own goals made a reality. Even the people who are loyal to him, such as his own sister, appear to hold little importance to him in the grand scheme of things. Jax also highly idolizes the lawless and violent days of Malik the Sunderer and wants nothing more then to drag Vacuo and the rest of the world with it back into those ancient times.

Xanthe Rumpole, Jax's former professor, described Jax as an arrogant person who always talked a good game but never had anything to back up his claims. During his time at Shade, Jax would often just follow the lead of his twin sister, Gillian Asturias. Jax is shown to possess extreme delusions of grandeur, believing himself to be the descendent of Malik the Sunderer, the first king of Vacuo, despite the lineage having been stated to be untraceable, and as such, firmly believes that it is his birthright to rule over Vacuo. He is also particularly ruthless in comparison to his sister, forcing her to give him all her Aura despite it possibly endangering her life.

Jax is also shown to be a power-hungry sadist as he mentions that once he is finished conquering Vacuo, he plans on moving on to the rest of the world and bringing Remnant completely under Vacuan rule.

Jax was also shown to possess an apparent fearlessness, which could be interpreted by some as suicidal insanity. Win or lose he was determined to keep fighting to the very end and refused to consider either surrender or retreat when his sister tried to warn him that the battle was no longer in their favor. Further demonstrating his cruel and selfish behavior, Jax was even willing to force his own army – many of whom were his unwilling slaves – to continue fighting alongside him to the death and even seized control of his own sister when she tried to talk him out of the plan.

It's also implied that Jax was an expert when it came to the art of manipulation as Theodore mentions that he had "corrupted" his sister into going along with his insane plans and he proved charismatic enough that he was able to easily convince the rest of his team as well as others that siding with him and forming the Crown would benefit Vacuo greatly someday.

At the end of the book, Jax receives major brain damage after Yatsuhashi and Gillian work together to bring him down and was last seen in a vegetative state. It's currently unknown if he will ever recover. He was later taken away by the authorities along with the other members of the Crown.

Powers and Abilities

Jax's weapon of choice is a simple sword, theorized to be an ancient sword from old Vacuo. However, he lacks much skill using it. According to his father, Finn Asturias, Jax has a naturally extremely low amount of Aura. He learned how to create an Aura shield at Shade Academy.


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Jax’s Semblance, Mind Control, like his sister, is his true form of power, allowing him to dominate the wills of others, typically by telepathically influencing their minds in the form of pushing a subconscious suggestion to others. Jax is able to use his Semblance on multiple people at a time, with its effects lasting for extended periods of time, such as weeks or months. When used on others, their Auras take on a nearly identical appearance to his own.



  • Jax alludes to the character of Jack in the traditional nursery rhyme, Jack and Jill.
  • Jax's defeat of being lobotomized could reference the line "Jack fell down..." in the same nursery rhyme.

Color Naming Rule

  • Asturias is an autonomous community within the northwest of Spain, typically known for its mountainous setting with vast and lush greenery. Also, tying in with the Asturias twins’ royal ambitions, the heir to the Spanish throne is styled “Prince/ss of Asturias”.


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