Episode 11 - "Jaunedice"

  1. Layering - At 0:47, when Cardin Winchester hits Jaune Arc with The Executioner, Jaune is layered in front of it.
  2. Model - At 0:54, when Jaune is fighting Cardin, and Cardin blocks the shot, you can see that Jaune has a second sword on his waist.
  3. Animation - At 1:00, Jaune drops Crocea Mors. At 1:02, he is holding his sword as he goes down.
  4. Animation - During lunch, a couple of trees can be noticed behind Team JNPR just outside the window, however, the trees disappear and reappear several times during the conversation.
  5. Rendering - At 3:21, there is a sporadic line of grayish-white at the bottom and left where the image was not fully rendered.
  6. Animation - At 3:14, Cardin opens Crocea Mors' sheath, transforming it into the shield, but the sword disappears.

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