Season 1Edit

Cat BurglarEdit

Blake be nimble, Blake be quick, Blake needs to learn to PICK UP AFTER HERSELF WHEN SHE'S DONE READING!
—Jaune to Blake


Hey Weiss. Um, I'm guessing you didn't get my call earlier. Maybe the tower's messing up or something. I mean, there's no way you wouldn't get my message and not call me back. Right? I mean, that's... that'd be rude. That's ridiculous. You're definitely not, y'know, playing these messages to the rest of Team RWBY, and laughing... heheh, laughing. It's, uh, it's not you. You wouldn't do that, you wouldn't- you wouldn't do that. Right? That's crazy.
—Jaune, trying to reach Weiss on his Scroll
ALRIGHT, ICE QUEEN, I'VE HAD IT UP TO HERE! It's one thing to deny a guy, but it is another thing to ignore him entirely! If you were here right now, I would give you A PIECE OF MY MI-!
—Jaune, tell off Weiss when he is trying to call her until Weiss appear behind him

The VacuumEdit

Hey guys! Check out who we found!
—Jaune, to Team RWBY about Pyrrha

Prank WarsEdit

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Jaune!
—Jaune, when using Blake's weapon

Magnetic PersonalityEdit

Ren found this old stack of VHS tapes! You wanna help sort them and see what's on them!?
—Jaune to Pyrrha

Love TriangleEdit

So, I was just wondering if, maybe you'd wanna study for the exam together? Maybe we could compare notes?
—Jaune, offer Weiss to study together
Thanks, Pyrrha, but... I think I'm just gonna... study on my own for a bit. Maybe later..
—Jaune, reject Pyrrha's offer to go study together after getting rejected by Weiss

Nurse NoraEdit

Hello there, my name is Jaune Arc. Today, I will begin an ASMR video. Now, some of you may be wondering, "What is ASMR?" Well, let's just say it's a way to get that fluffy, tingling feeling in the back of your neck. Like when you get that haircut. Or when that special girl you like says, "Hi!" in the hallway.
—Jaune, to everyone about ASMR video

Little Red Riding HoodEdit

Oh, uh hey, man. Uh, you're... talking to me. Never thought I'd see the day. Uhh, good, I'm good. Great, actually. I'm okay! How, uh- How are things with you?
—Jaune to Sun

Big VacationEdit

Beach volleyball champ coming through!
—Jaune, looking forward to the beach

Neptune's PhobiaEdit

Just a couple of bad boys living the carefree life. You with me, pal?
—Jaune to Zwei
You're right, pal. We don't need a bike. We don't need any girls. We're just a couple of bad boys taking on the world!
—Jaune to Zwei
I'm drowning! I'm in the water and I'm drowning! Right now! Drowning!
—Jaune, begging anyone to save him from drowning

Bike RaceEdit

Blake, do you ever get the feeling that you're, I dunno, just a supporting character in life? That other people are having all the cool adventures?
—Jaune to Blake

Roman's RevengeEdit

Oh my gosh, you're right! What was I thinking?! That would've... That would've been a disaster! You know, I feel like you really "get" me. Thanks, Blake!
—Jaune to Blake's shadow clone

Security WoesEdit

Compost King to the rescue!
—Jaune to everyone

Season 2Edit

Director OzpinEdit

Don't listen to him, Penny. And don't feel bad if you can't hit anyone right away. It's very hard!!
—Jaune to Penny

Geist BusterEdit

Prepare for hand-to-hand combat!
—Jaune to Ren

Magic ShowEdit

I am the Amazing Jaune, Master of the Magic Arts. And this is my lovely assistant, Ruby.
—Jaune, to the audiences before he introduce his assistant
Then you leave me no choice! This calls for, A magic-off!
—Jaune to everyone

Girls Rock!Edit

It is I, the HuntsMan! And his rogue sidekick, Wonder Zwei.
—HuntsMan, to everyone
Hammer of Silence!
—HuntsMan, to Mercury
Gauntlets of Shut Up!
—HuntsMan, to Emerald before she reveals his true identity to Roman and Neo
Be gone, evildoers. This city is under our protection. Right, Wonder Zwei?
—HuntsMan, to Roman and Neo

Must Be NiceEdit

And that is all of the one-liners I think we should incorporate into our fights! So, what do you think?
—Jaune to Pyrrha about the strategies for their future fights

Boy BandEdit

Wha- this is totally cool. Like that classic rock band, Smooch! Or, for the younger generation; the Lunatic Jester Brigade. If you, like, terrible music.
—Jaune to everyone

Coming Home to RoostEdit

Weiss, I'm taking you out to dinner tonight. Wear something pretty, and don't be late.
—Jaune, asking Weiss on the date

Movie NightEdit

Guys, I've got it! All the best movies out right now are about superheroes. I think we should see The Hunts-man Rises.
—Jaune, to everyone
I am dark justice. I am cold vengeance.
—Jaune (as HuntsMan), monologue his orgin story

Evil GeniusEdit

Professor Ozpin. I have retrieved the Spectacles of Farsight. They were in the Crevice of Comfort, just as you foretold.
—Jaune to Ozpin, after he found his spectacles


You just jump as high as you can off the diving board and yell "Cannonball!". Whoever makes the biggest splash wins.
—Jaune to Penny, explaining about the concept of a Cannonball

The Mystery BunchEdit

Please don't make me let go; I'm tired of always being the first one to fall down.
—Jaune to Ren
I could go for a ridiculously large sandwich. Also, G-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-grimm!
—Jaune, reaction when he sees a Grimm

Steals and WheelsEdit

It means I'm a wanted man! One wrong move and it all came crashing down.
—Jaune to Ruby, believing he's criminal
I'm a fugitive, Ren. Public enemy number one. A man without A face. My home is the night! Also call me Felipe, that's my thing now.
—Jaune to Ren

Season 3Edit

Road TripEdit

I grew up with seven sisters! Was my only defense...
—Jaune to Ren

Girls' Night OutEdit

That sounds fun! I've got some new moves I've been wanting to try out.
—Jaune to Team RWBY
Oh! He's such a getter. C'mon, Ren, let's go raise the roof!
—Jaune to Ren

Mysterious Red ButtonEdit

This is awesome! We're gonna be best friends and do everything together and be the coolest guys ever-
—Jaune to his clone
But... you is me...
—Jaune, after being rejected from his clone

Prank WarEdit

Oh ho, this is the one! I can feel it! HuntsMan Cosmic Power... Activate!!
—Jaune, activating his costume change power

In The Clutches of EvilEdit

I don't know who you are, stranger, but you're clearly the most powerful supervillain I've ever encountered.
—Jaune, without realizing it was Pyrrha who saved his life
I will chase after you day and night, and I won't rest until I catch you. So, I hope you're happy.
—Jaune, vowing to chase the "criminal" until she serve justice

JNPR DreamsEdit

Jaune is the man... Jaune is the man... I'm great!
—Jaune, cheering himself in his sleep

Cousins of ChaosEdit

Sure, um, so many rebellious things I've done, hard to choose just one. Um, I may, or may not, be wearing underwear...
—Jaune to everyone

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