RWBY: The Official MangaEdit

Chapter 2Edit

The instant I spotted you at the entrance ceremony. I felt it. The call of destiny. I would simple love to team up with someone as exquisite as you. We're a match made of heaven. Don't you see? You are La Princesse... ... And I am your Chevalier...
—Jaune, flirting with Weiss to be his partner
Thank the goddess of fate and her mysterious ways. I hate to be a bother, but could you get me down? I believe this is Pyrrha's weapon...
—Jaune, ask Weiss if she can help him down before she left him hanging on the tree

Chapter 4Edit

I-I'm a manly man who can't just slink off after taking a beating.
—Jaune, to Ruby and Pyrrha

Chapter 5Edit

I figured any nut that tough to crack must be really heavy, right? So if we dropped it from high enough... It'd go "crunch" under its own weight, just like that. And when animals are on the hunt, they go for the weakest member of the pack. So I was practically born to be bait.
—Jaune, explain the plan after they defeat a Death Stalker to Pyrrha
Because worse comes to worst, I've got you. A partner I can totally count on. Otherwise this whole operation would've been out of the question.
—Jaune, to Pyrrha

RWBY: Amity ArenaEdit

Don't underestimate me!
—Jaune upon being deployed


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