Volume 1

The Shining Beacon

Hey, I'm Jaune
—Jaune assisting Ruby Rose up from the ground
Well the name's Jaune Arc. Short, sweet, rolls off the tongue, ladies love it.
—Jaune, introducing himself to Ruby
My mom always says, strangers are just friends you haven't met yet.
—Jaune, explaining to Ruby why he assisted her

The Shining Beacon, Pt.2

Ah, great. Where am I supposed to find another nice, quirky girl to talk to?
—Jaune, after Ruby leaves with Yang Xiao Long
I'm a natural blond, you know.
—Jaune, to Weiss Schnee

The First Step

You know what else is great? Me.
—Jaune, hitting on Weiss
Well, hot stuff, play your cards right, and maybe you could join up with the winning team.
—Jaune, hitting on Pyrrha Nikos
Sounds like Pyrrha's on board for Team Jaune. Spots are filling up quick! Now, I'm not supposed to do this, but maybe I could pull some strings, find a place for you. What do you say?
—Jaune, trying to recruit Weiss into his team

The First Step, Pt.2

Wait, come back! Who's gonna get me down from here?!
—Jaune, trying to ask for help from Weiss

The Emerald Forest

Of course I do. Do YOU know what Aura is?
—Jaune, to Pyrrha after being questioned about his knowledge of Aura
It's like a forcefield!
—Jaune, sums up Aura

The Emerald Forest, Pt.2

Pyrrha, I made the torch. Could you at least humor me for, like, maybe five more feet?
—Jaune, to Pyrrha right before dropping the torch in water
Soul crushing regret?
—Jaune, in response to Pyrrha
Pyrrha! This is not the relic! It's not!
—Jaune, to Pyrrha as he is shaken by the Death Stalker

Players and Pieces

Just dropping in?
—Jaune, catching Weiss who fell from the Nevermore's grip
Run and live! That is an idea I can get behind!
—Jaune, giving his approval for Ruby's strategy
Man, we gotta get over there! They need help!
—Jaune, to Nora Valkyrie, to help battle the Death Stalker
—Jaune, telling Nora when to strike the scorpion

The Badge and The Burden, Pt.2

Sheesh, what's with her?
—Jaune, about Weiss after she storms off


Guys, I'm fine. Seriously! Look!
—Jaune, reassuring that he's fine
Oh, C'MON!
—Jaune, responding to Cardin Winchester's bullying
It's not like he's only a jerk to me, he's a jerk to everyone.
—Jaune, describing Cardin

Jaunedice, Pt.2

Pyrrha, I know I'm going through a rough time right now. But I'm not that depressed! I can always be a farmer or something.
—Jaune, after Pyrrha shows him the roof for the first time
I mean I didn't go to combat school! I didn't pass any tests! I didn't earn my spot at this academy! I lied! I got my hands on some fake transcripts, and I lied!
—Jaune confesses to Pyrrha about sneaking into Beacon Academy
My father, my grandfather, and his father before him were all warriors! They were all heroes! I wanted to be one, too. I was just never good enough.
—Jaune, explaining to Pyrrha his motive for sneaking into Beacon
I don't want help! I don't want to be the damsel in distress! I want to be the hero!
—Jaune, rejecting Pyrrha's help
I'm tired of being the lovable idiot, stuck in the tree while his friends fight for their lives! Don't you understand? If I can't do this on my own... then what good am I?
—Jaune, telling Pyrrha why he must prove himself alone

Forever Fall

You know, you're not the easiest person to talk to about this kind of stuff.
—Jaune, on Ruby's advice
I think I'm allergic to this stuff...
—Jaune, on his allergic reaction to the red sap
I said no!
—Jaune, refusing to help Cardin get revenge on Pyrrha

Forever Fall, Pt.2

I don't care what you do to me... but you are not messing with my team.
—Jaune, defending his friends from Cardin
Don't ever mess with my team - my friends - ever again. Got it?
—Jaune, intimidating Cardin after saving his life
Pyrrha... I'm sorry. I was a jerk! You were only trying to be nice, and... I had all this stupid macho stuff in my head--
—Jaune, apologizing to Pyrrha

Volume 2

Welcome to Beacon

Bring it on, Ice Queen! I'll have you know that I have been told that I am a natural born leader!
—Jaune, to Weiss


♫ Weiss Schnee, will you accompany me, to the dance on... Sunday! ♫
—Jaune, inviting Weiss to the dance
Oh please, if you don't get a date to the dance, I'll wear a dress.
—Jaune, to Pyrrha

Burning the Candle

Ren. I'm just gonna come out and say it. You are one of my best friends. These past few months, I feel like we really bonded... even though you don't say much. I mean, you're really quiet. To be perfectly honest, I don't know that much about you personally; but, darn it, I consider you to be the brother I never had!
—Jaune, explaining his friendship with Ren to the latter
Nora! I said headphones on!
—Jaune, to Nora
It's Weiss... I'm completely head over heels for her, and she won't even give me a chance. She's cold, but she's also incredible. She's smart, and graceful, and talented-- I mean have you heard her sing? I just wish she take me seriously, y'know? I wish I could tell her how I feel without messing it all up.
—Jaune, telling Ren about his crush on Weiss

Dance Dance Infiltration

To the socially awkward.
—Jaune, making a toast with Ruby
Do you even care about the girls you're hitting on? How they feel about you?
—Jaune, confronting Neptune Vasilias about his flirting act with several girls
Then just go talk to her. No pickup lines, no suave moves, just be yourself. I've heard that's the way to go.
—Jaune, encouraging Neptune to be honest to Weiss
Hey, an Arc never goes back on his word.
—Jaune, in response to Pyrrha's disbelief at his choice of attire


We're changing our mission. Everyone on board!
—Jaune, responding to the sirens

Volume 3

Round One

If I barf, I'm blaming you...
—Jaune, after his meal with JNPR and RWBY

New Challengers...

Ren! Nora! Flower Power!
—Jaune, trying to get his team to end the battle
Nora, just hit them with the hammer.
—Jaune, to Nora


You were the first person to ever believe in me, you know that? Even when I told my parents I was going to Beacon, they told me not to worry if I ended up having to move back home. How depressing is that?
—Jaune, to Pyrrha
I guess... I'm just trying to say that... you've always been there for me... even when I didn't deserve it. And I can tell there's something on your mind, so... I don't know. How can I help?
—Jaune, to Pyrrha
The Pyrrha Nikos I know would never back down from a challenge. And if you really believe it's your destiny to save the world... you can't let anything stand in your way.
—Jaune, to Pyrrha

Battle of Beacon

Pyrrha, please snap out of it!
—Jaune, to Pyrrha

Heroes and Monsters

What would this school need to... hide?
—Jaune, questioning Pyrrha

End of the Beginning

No. No, Pyrrha, you can't. You saw how powerful she is! Pyrrha, I won't let you do-
—Jaune, protesting to Pyrrha
Pyrrha! She's going after that woman at the top of the tower! She doesn't stand a chance!
—Jaune, pleading to Weiss and Ruby
I know. It's the only way we have.
—Jaune, to Ruby

Volume 4


I'm just tired of losing everything.
—Jaune to Ruby, after seeing the destruction of Shion village

A Much Needed Talk

He was using you as bait.
—Jaune, to Ruby about Qrow Branwen not joining them
Well, you are just a real bundle of help, aren't you?
—Jaune, to Qrow after learning his Semblance is misfortune

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

No, we're supposed to stick together! We keep each other safe!
—Jaune, protesting that RNJR split
Just take care of each other.
—Jaune, saying goodbye to Ren and Nora
You don't know that.
—Jaune, to Ruby about Ren and Nora's safety


Ruby. We lost... We lost Pyrrha. You lost her, too. And Penny, and your team, and in a way... your sister. But you're still here, despite everything you've lost, everything you could still lose, you chose to come out here, because you felt like you could make a difference. You didn't drag us along, you gave us the courage to follow you.
—Jaune, reassuring a distraught Ruby

Volume 5

The More the Merrier

What is wrong with you? How can you be so broken inside... to take so many lives, and then come here and rub it in our faces like it's something to be proud of?! All with that damn smile on your face!
—Jaune, to Cinder
If I die buying them time, then it's worth it. They're the ones that matter.
—Jaune about sacrificing his life for his friends' safety, to Cinder

Vault of the Spring Maiden

No, it wasn't supposed to be like this! Please! We can't lose anyone else...
—Jaune, shortly before he unlocks his Semblance


Pyrrha once told me I've got a lot of it. I still believe her.
—Jaune, to Nora about his Aura
Heh, good to have you back, Weiss.
—Jaune, after Weiss regains consciousness

Volume 6

The Grimm Reaper

Well, it was, until Mantle showed up. Early settlement attempts by Mistral didn't go well. But colonists from Mantle were able to help them brave the cold climate and return for goods that Solitas couldn't provide.
—Jaune, to everyone about Mantle

Dead End

With Cordo on watch, only Atlas airships have the clearance to leave for Solitas. So... we... steal an Atlas airship.
—Jaune, to everyone about stealing an Atlas airplane

Volume 7

Ace Operatives

Yeah, well, that's just kind of our style.
—Jaune, to Elm and Vine

Pomp and Circumstance

Oh, the way you took down that Geist without needing to plan your tactics out, you just knew exactly what to do!
—Jaune, to Clover
Wha-- But-- Why didn't I get a choice for that one?
—Jaune, to everyone


Well, you really had us on our toes. Thought you had us there for a second, whew!
—Jaune, to Team FNKI

Volume 8


Then let's go for both. Get Amity up and running and evacuate Mantle.
—Jaune, to everyone


Way better than a hover bike.
—Jaune, about his Shield grenade
But Grimm aren't that smart?
—Jaune, about The Hound


You're right, Ren. I… I did cheat my way into Beacon. And I'm glad that I had people around me to help me see that I was bigger than that mistake. You've got people around you too. You don't have to force yourself to be strong. The more you hide from what you're feeling, the more alone you're going to feel. Trust me.
—Jaune, to Ren
Ruby is your sister, she's always going to love you even if you disagree with each other.
—Jaune, to Yang about Ruby
Thanks. I just have a bad feeling. Things always seem to get worse before they get better.
—Jaune, to Yang


Are you serious right now!? There are people in danger.
—Jaune, to the Ace Ops


Please, Winter, give us a chance to try to rescue him first! We... We could be your test run. You don't know what'll be waiting for you inside, right? So we can go ahead to check it out, and look for Oscar while we're inside.
—Jaune begs Winter Schnee to let them search for a missing Oscar.


Hey, you don't have to drain yourself. I can help too.
—Jaune, to Ren
Would've gone with "keep moving forward," but sure. Ren?
—Jaune, to Ren and Yang


Ah ha! Ha ha! Uh...All water under the bridge, buddy! Ha ha! I'm uh...Gonna go see if Klein needs any help with Penny.
—Jaune, to Ren and Nora


We've been so worried about keeping the Vault closed that we never considered using what's inside.
—Jaune realizes what Ruby's plan is
Okay, then let's use the Staff to teleport everyone to safety. Maybe even to another Kingdom.
—Jaune aids in formulating a plan


Okay, we can do this. Nora and I will get people through the gates. Everyone else, keep to your roles. Remember, the evacuation is priority one no matter what else happens.
—Jaune's motivations stay true

The Final Word

Priority one.
—Jaune reminds Nora to save the civilians when Cinder attacks
We need to go... Now.
—Jaune, to Winter

About Jaune

There's always Jaune... he's nice... he's funny... I don't think he's very good in a fight though...
—Ruby, thinking about Jaune
I want you to know that I'm proud of you. I've never met someone so determined to better themselves. You've grown so much since we started training, and I know this is just the beginning. Jaune, I-I... I want you to know that I'm just happy to be a part of your life. I'll always be here for you, Jaune.
—Pyrrha, in a video she recorded for Jaune's training
Jaune's like you! He hasn't found his Semblance yet, but we all know he will. And you will, too. We all just have to try and help each other get stronger.
—Ruby, describing Jaune to Oscar
Who are you again?
—Cinder, callously dismissing Jaune's rage
I'm starting to remember you. You're the dense one that can't tell when he's out of his league.
—Cinder, to Jaune
Did you think you actually had a chance against me?! YOU?!
—Cinder, livid at Jaune wounding her pride
You're just a failure with a death wish.
—Cinder, to Jaune
It's totally the haircut.
—Nora, about Jaune's haircut during his Huntsman job in "Sparks"
There's no fear at all. I can see it, he believes we're going to get this done.
—Ren, about Jaune in "Witch"
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