Volume 2

Welcome to Beacon

Oz, you and I both know why I brought those men.
—Ironwood, reassuring Ozpin about his military's presence
But ask yourself this: do you honestly believe your children can win a war?
—Ironwood, before leaving Ozpin's office

Field Trip

I have served you faithfully for years...but if you mean to tell me that your plan is to hold the defenses, and wait—
—Ironwood, questioning Ozpin

Mountain Glenn

I refuse to believe that a man that I've trusted for so long would act so... passively.
—Ironwood, to Glynda Goodwitch in regards to Ozpin


This is the right move, Ozpin. I promise, I will keep our people safe; you have to trust me.
—Ironwood, to Ozpin
I'm going to give you one chance. Who's really behind all this?
—Ironwood, to Roman Torchwick
The council's given me custody over you for as long as I see fit. So you can make yourself comfortable. I can be sure that you'll have plenty of time to talk.
—Ironwood, to Torchwick

Volume 3

It's Brawl in the Family

If you were one of my men, I would have you shot!
—Ironwood, to Qrow Branwen
Discreet wasn't working. I'm here because this is what was necessary.
—Ironwood, about the military presence in Vale
The people of Vale needed someone to protect them, someone who would act. When they look to the sky and see my fleet, they feel safe, and our enemies will feel our strength.


For the past few years, Atlas has been studying Aura from a more scientific standpoint- how it works, what it's made of, how it can be used. We've made... significant strides. And we believe we've found a way to capture it.

Heroes and Monsters

Someone's done the impossible and gained control of my machines. And that enormous Grimm seems to be fixated on the school. Glynda, form up the local Huntsmen and establish a safe zone here in Vale. We need to evacuate Beacon. Qrow, I'm leaving that to you and my men. I still need to get to my ship.

Volume 4


That is a load of garbage and you know it.
—calling Jacques Schnee out on his false altruism

Tipping Point

She's the only one making sense around here.
—Ironwood to the Trophy Wife, about Weiss Schnee

Taking Control

That's exactly what I'm doing. Our people need protection. By this time next week, the Kingdom of Atlas will be officially closing its borders. No one in, no one out.... without the council's permission.
—Ironwood threatening Jacques

Volume 7

The Greatest Kingdom

Many have described these as uncertain times. And while that may be the case for the rest of the world, I can tell you what is certain: the Kingdom of Atlas will remain strong... and it will remain safe. That is my promise.
—General Ironwood, reaffirming his promise to the people of Atlas over the Atlas Broadcast System

A New Approach

Until now, I believed it was impossible to truly turn the tide against Salem. Oz has pushed her back, has kept victory out of her claws, but she will keep returning stronger and stronger… unless we destroy her.
—General Ironwood, to everyone
I needed to ensure Salem couldn't infiltrate Atlas. And I wanted my military here, protecting my people.
—General Ironwood, about his reason to everyone
Ozpin believed the best way to fight Salem was to do so in secret. Whether that was the right choice or not isn't for me to say. But we find ourselves in a position of needing, well, a new approach.
—Ironwood, to everyone

Worst Case Scenario

It seems Robyn has emboldened our suppliers in Mantle. They're refusing to sell us provisions until the city is adequately repaired. With Robyn redistributing the goods her team has stolen, the Amity Project is completely stalled.
—Ironwood on Amity Communications Tower's production
What's more important? Establishing communications, unite the world? Or appeasing a few city blocks?
—Ironwood, after Winter mentions about declaring martial law
We can't! If we talk about Amity now, we risk Salem's forces, who we know are here, working to sabotage it. If we tell them about Salem now, we risk falling to the Grimm before we can reunite Remnant.We have to finish the tower.
—Ironwood, to Nora
I hoped bringing you down here might jog some memories. After all, it was your idea to use the Staff to lift Atlas off the ground.
—Ironwood, to Oscar on the Relic of Creation
To tell you the truth, that served as the inspiration for the Amity Project. Get a communication tower up in the sky, higher than the Grimm can survive, so we never lose contact with each other again.
—Ironwood, to Oscar
We... didn't always see eye to eye, but... I wish I could ask Ozpin what he thought of all of this.
—Ironwood, to Oscar about his view on Ozpin

Out in the Open

An ancient and terrible evil lies outside of our Kingdom. It was responsible for the destruction of Beacon, the attack on Haven, and for the recent attacks on Mantle. This powerful force goes by the name of Salem. Salem seeks only to divide us. To turn us against each other. If she can incite hatred in us, then we will lure in the Grimm and destroy ourselves. Arthur Watts and Tyrian Callows. These men are the ones responsible for the recent murders in Mantle and for sabotaging the heating grid. But we cannot let ourselves give in to fear and panic. That is what she wants! Instead, we must unite, and fight back, together. Every single one of us! Amity Tower is now completed and ready to launch. It will re-establish all global communications-- Because the safety of every citizen is imperative, the council and I have decided to evacuate everyone in Mantle to Atlas. I am withdrawing all defenses from Amity in order to assist with repelling the Grimm in Mantle.
—Ironwood revealing the existence of Salem to Mantle


I will sacrifice... whatever it takes... to stop her.
—Ironwood, declaring his conviction to Watts
The Black Queen was the symbol Salem showed us before we lost everything. Her way of telling us she was inside. That it was too late. We stopped Watts. We stopped Callows, but someone was here. They put this in my office to tell me that-- What if Mantle was just a distraction? What if it was just to draw us away from the academy to, to--
—Ironwood, about the Black Queen
I sent your sister to claim the power of the Winter Maiden. When I realized we'd been compromised, I knew we couldn't wait any longer. The Staff and the Lamp have to be locked away.
—Ironwood, to Ruby's Group
The timeline has changed. And so we must change accordingly. We are going to take our plan for Amity Tower and apply it to the city of Atlas. It was Oz's plan in a former life. But he didn't take it far enough. If we harness the power of the Staff, and raise ourselves high into the atmosphere, the city's artificial climate will keep citizens and food supplies unharmed. Always out of reach of whatever Salem may try to send our way.
—Ironwood, on his plan to escape from Salem
I'm sorry it's come to this, but until Atlas and the Relics are safe, you're all under arrest.
—Ironwood, ordering the arrest of Ruby's Group

The Enemy of Trust

James is what my friends call me. To you… it's General.
—Ironwood, before shooting Oscar

Volume 8


Hello, Penny. I'm worried for your safety. Tell me where you are and I'll have you picked up right away. Atlas needs you, Penny. Salem is here.
—Ironwood, to Penny via Scroll
Mantle… You're still worried about Mantle?! Remnant is doomed, Ruby. Unless we leave, Salem will destroy Atlas and with it, any hope humanity has left. We need to think about the future. If she makes it through our defenses, everything that follows will be on your hands.
—Ironwood, to Ruby
I'm going to do everything I can to defend this kingdom. No matter the cost.
—Ironwood, to Winter


Apologies for the delay, today has been… busy. Have you made any progress? I'd hate for us to have to try motivating you. Again.
—Ironwood, to Watts
A security threat has been detected in the compound, status alert level 3: Red. Lockdown initiated. Authorization granted to handle ANY threats with lethal force.
—Ironwood, issuing a security warning after learning of the presence of Ruby's Group


It's time.
—Ironwood, to the Ace-Ops
Until Penny either responds or is standing in front of that Vault, we cannot assume her status. Take the Ace-Ops. I want constant updates.
—Ironwood, ordering Winter and the Ace-Ops to find Penny


I am evacuating all citizens to the subway. Prepare Manta Squad Omega, and dispatch to every part of Atlas.
—Ironwood, ordering troops to evacuate Atlas civilians
Citizens of Atlas, please proceed to the nearest underground subway station for shelter.
—Ironwood, issuing an evacuation notice to Atlas
Stand by for further orders, and don't let those fugitives out of your sight.
—Ironwood, to Winter about Yang's Group
We aren't making any progress attacking the thing from the outside. But from the inside, it could be vulnerable. Science team is putting together a bomb. When it's ready, we'll drop it off as close to the target as possible. Then, your team will deliver it on foot. Sending your rendezvous coordinates now.
—Ironwood, to Winter


Search everywhere for them. Do not return to this office until you have Qrow Branwen in custody.
—Ironwood, to a pair of soldiers after learning of Qrow and Robyn's escape
Penny still hasn't come to the Vault, meaning Watts was either incompetent or he betrayed us. At this point, we'll never know. Cinder Fall has attacked command and escaped with him. And that's not all we've lost. […] Qrow and Robyn have also escaped. Salem's creature was destroyed, but that doesn't mean we've stopped her. She will return and she will throw everything she has at us until there is nothing left. And we are perilously close to that already. I need the Winter Maiden, now. It's the only way Atlas can survive.
—Ironwood, briefing Winter
They were our last chance. Now… now I have NOTHING!
—Ironwood, after learning Winter let Yang's Group go
I have always promised to defend this Kingdom. Its technology, its future, from those who would see it destroyed. Our enemy is crippled, but one individual still denies Atlas its salvation: The Protector of Mantle. Penny, wherever you and your friends are, I need you all to listen. I know how much Mantle means to you, so I'm going to give you a choice. You can bring yourself to Atlas Academy and do your duty, help me save as much of Atlas as I can, and Mantle will be left to fend for itself. Or… you can all watch as I destroy it. I have one bomb. That's all it will take. If there is no Mantle then there is no reason for you not to work with me. Neither of us want it to come to that, but one of us is willing to do it. If anyone tries anything other than what I've ordered, Mantle… is gone. You have one hour to respond. I hope you live up to the title I gave you.
—Ironwood's ultimatum to Penny


Good, you're here. I need a squad of drones on standby to drop the payload.
—Ironwood, rendezvousing with the Ace-Ops
I believe I was clear in the broadcast. If they give me a reason, I'm going to remove Mantle from the equation. This is how we save Atlas.
—Ironwood, clarifying his position on Mantle
The academy entrance. Penny comes alone.
—Ironwood, responding to Ruby


Be ready for anything. We don't know what state Penny is in.
—Ironwood, to the remaining Ace-Ops
I hope you're not going to try to talk me out of it.
—Ironwood, to Winter
I didn't think you'd actually come alone. I expected at least some resistance from your friends.
—Ironwood, greeting a supposedly lone Penny upon her arrival
You've done the right thing.
—Ironwood, to "Penny" before she drops her facade


Sure thing.
—Ironwood, responding to Jacques asking him to open his cell, before vaporizing him
I've chased a lot of shadows over the years, always expecting betrayal. But never once did I think it would ever come from you. I know what's best for Atlas, and I'm going to do whatever it takes to get that Staff. So, consider this my last order: step aside.
—Ironwood, confronting Winter in the Atlas Vault

The Final Word

I’ve only done what’s best for Remnant, and no one is grateful!
—Ironwood, during his battle with Winter
So… the destiny I chose for you has arrived.
—Ironwood, upon Winter becoming the new Maiden and his last words before his death

RWBY: The Official Manga

Chapter 9

A question then, Oz. Are you prepared to send your students... To fight on the battlefield going forward?
—Ironwood questioned Ozpin about sending his students to war

Chapter 14

You know full well what sort of place Mountain Glenn is. Those lands ...were brought to ruin by Grimm. Atlas' unmanned droids could scope the place out just fine. So putting those girls in harm's way seems entirely unnecessary.
—Ironwood, to Ozpin about Mountain Glenn

About Ironwood

You're a good person, James. You've always done what you think is best for the people, even against strong protest. It's admirable. But it's high time you stopped talking about trust and started showing it.
—Glynda, to Ironwood in "Mountain Glenn"
His heart is in the right place. He's just... misguided.
—Ozpin, about Ironwood in "Never Miss a Beat"
Sometimes, I'm not even sure he has a heart.
—Qrow, about Ironwood in "Never Miss a Beat"
I suppose the council trusts him, for better or worse.
—Jacques, in "Remembrance"
I trust him.
Weiss Schnee, responding to her father's bad faith
I'm not sure what happened to James in Vale, but it seems to have only worsened some of his more unfortunate tendencies.
"General Ironwood.... he looks...."


—Yang and Ruby, about Ironwood's appearance on the Atlas Broadcast System
James... what have you been doing?
—Qrow Branwen, questioning Ironwood's activities and motives following the Fall of Beacon

"James was no different. I couldn't tell you exactly what it was he saw there, but it changed him. He's…"
"He's scared."
"Paranoid would be the more appropriate term."

Pietro Polendina and Qrow, talking about Ironwood
James Ironwood never recognized my genius. After everything I gave him, he still disgraced me. I simply wish to return the favor.
—Watts, about Ironwood not recognizing his genius to Jacques
Our tin soldier's heart has cost him his mind.
—Watts, to Tyrian about Ironwood
He's trying to stop anybody who might get in the way of this inhumane plan. Looks like he underestimated me. Again.
—Robyn, about Ironwood to Qrow
I was stupid to think the general would listen.
—Oscar, about his decision to reason with Ironwood
If General Ironwood plans to leave Mantle behind, nothing has changed.
—Penny, to Vine Zeki in "Strings"
But sadly, General Ironwood can no longer be trusted.
—Ruby, during her broadcast to Remnant in "Amity"
I believed in you! I thought we could work towards something better. But now you're throwing it all away.
Marrow Amin, denouncing Ironwood directly in "Risk"
"He's really gonna do it."

"Not if we stop him first."

—Robyn and Qrow, about Ironwood on planning to destroy Mantle in "Risk"
There's still James and his bomb to consider.
—Ozpin, to Ruby's Group in "Creation"
Ironwood's got to be stopped.
—Winter, to Marrow in "Creation"
I've never wavered in fighting the enemies of this Kingdom… And I won't start now.
—Winter, prepared to fight Ironwood in "Worthy"

RWBY: Amity Arena

General Ironwood. The hero of our time and Atlas' greatest protector. Under the general, we have advanced to incredible heights, discovered new technologies, and created the world's first artificial intelligence. Though horrifyingly revealed at Amity Arena, Penny is our proud foray into sentient AI, and Ada is the culmination of the machine learning we have long developed in our labs. As reviled as he was for his misguided attempt to protect Vale, how can the world fault our General when the culprits are out there? How can the victims be blamed for the sins of the perpetrators? Is incompetence somehow a greater sin than premeditated evil? Our General may have failed to protect Beacon, but he's not the one that hacked our weapons into hurting the innocent. Yet... he wears that burden on his shoulders like he is alone in the world... Ozpin, missing. Lionheart, dead. Theodore, uncertain. We say Atlas is the greatest, the mightiest... the city in the clouds, but what is first place when there is no competition? Yet, our kingdom and our General... we're the best chance that humanity's got... which scares us to death. Menagerie? ...what about it?
Amity Arena
RWBY/Justice League
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