Volume 4


Did you forget your manners while you were away?
—Jacques, to Weiss
Thanks to him, Atlas is forbidden from exporting Dust to other Kingdoms. "A precautionary measure", as he puts it, "until we're certain nobody is going to declare war". How anyone could possibly find that to be sound logic is beyond me.
—Jacques, talks about James Ironwood
Many forget that you were there. My own daughter, a Schnee, on the grounds, defending another Kingdom! We need to remind them! And we need to show them that the Schnee family is just as strong as ever!
—Jacques, to Weiss Schnee

Tipping Point

I'm sorry, I tuned out for a second, but sounds like I'm the good guy again?
—Jacques demonstrating his ego to the guests of his gala


Young lady, I don't give a damn about what you want. This isn't about you! This is about the Schnee family name, and your apparent insistence on dragging it through the mud!
—Jacques, to Weiss, about her desire to leave Atlas
This behavior of yours is incredibly disappointing. You couldn't possibly understand the lengths I've gone to in order to keep this family where it is. You think running off like your sister is going to make the Schnee name stronger? You're wrong. Siding with her only divides us.
—Jacques, to Weiss
You're not leaving Atlas. You're not to leave the manor grounds unless I specifically allow it. You are going to remain here, out of sight and out of trouble, until you and I come to an agreement on your future.
—Jacques grounding Weiss
Your presupposition that you can simply have whatever it is you want is a clear sign of our failure as parents. But from now on, I'll be giving you the full attention you require, starting by keeping you where I can see you.
—Jacques, to Weiss, on why he is grounding her
Clearly, the trauma you endured at the fall of Beacon was too much for you. Which is why you've generously revoked your claim to the company and its earnings and passed it on to your brother Whitley.
—Jacques, to Weiss, giving the claim he will publicize for why Weiss is no longer heiress
It's time to wake up and face reality.
—Jacques, to Weiss, after he revokes her claim to the SDC

Taking Control

Oh, yes, we have far more pressing matters to discuss, starting with your apparent lunacy!
—Jacques, agruing with General Ironwood
You've never trusted anyone other than yourself!
—Jacques, to General Ironwood about trust issues
You need to get a grip.
—Jacques, to General Ironwood, after the latter pounds on his desk

About Jacques

Having married into the family, Jacques decided to take the Schnee name over his own. He was... a lot of words I shouldn't repeat. But most importantly, he was a cunning businessman.
—Qrow about Jacques, in "Schnee Dust Company"
Cheap labor, dangerous working conditions, doing whatever it takes to destroy the competition, Jacques Schnee doesn't care about people. He cares about winning. That, and making sure he's got the best damn PR team in the world.
—Qrow about Jacques, in "Schnee Dust Company"
Minor Characters

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