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Ivori is a character in RWBY who first appeared in the episode "Sparks" of Volume 7. He is a member of Team FNKI.


Ivori is a slim man with a taller-than-average height. He has light brown skin, light brown eyes and short, straight gray hair. He wears black glasses with yellow lenses, a white suit with beige and wheat accents and knee-high beige boots with gold accents. The suit jacket has a very low collar and he wears no shirt underneath, so his chest is exposed. The sleeves of the suit jacket also seem to be detached from the shoulders, showing skin underneath. He also wears a gold choker around his throat. He keeps his weapon, a hybrid between a whip and a pendulum, attached to his right hip.


Not much is known of Ivori's personality yet as he is quiet upon introduction, but he appears to be mellow and friendly, smiling as Flynt Coal invites Team JNPR out for food, despite having just lost against them.


Ivori, alongside the remainder of his team, sparred with Team JNPR and Oscar Pine in Atlas Academy, where is he is seen fighting Lie Ren. Ivori is knocked out by Nora Valkyrie shortly afterward. His team is defeated and they later leave to get food. Ivori and his teammates invited Yang Xiao Long and Blake Belladonna for dancing in "A Night Off".

In "Witch", Ivori alongside his teammates follow Winter Schnee's orders to secure a delivery zone for the bomb, which they planned to use on Monstra. Donning armor they engage the next wave of Grimm.

Powers and Abilities

Ivori was shown to be a skilled combatant, with him having successfully qualified to enter into Atlas Academy and later presumably contributed to helping his team in passing the preliminary team battle of the Vytal Festival into advancing into the double team stage.

During his team's training battle against Team JNPR and Oscar, Ivory showed to be highly skilled in using his Whip in battle and was shown to have quick reflexes due to being able to deflect multiple rounds from Ren's StormFlower.


  • 'Ivori' is a variant spelling of ivory, a hard, white material from the tusks and teeth of animals.
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