Episode 3 - "It's Brawl in the Family"Edit

  1. Model - Winter Schnee's sword repeatedly switches between being present and absent for the first six minutes of the episode, until she draws it at 6:15.
  2. Model - Qrow throws the decapitated head of the Atlesian Knight towards Winter at 4:35, which lands near the lower edge of the Vale symbol of the courtyard. But on 4:38 it suddenly appears as if it landed on Winter's side of the Vale symbol. At 5:10 the head is then seen on the second axe of the symbol. At 6:47 the head disappears completely from the courtyard. At 9:41 the body and head reappear again, only to completely disappear once again at 9:55 and completely at 10:14.
  3. Model - The AK-200 on the right that was seen aiming at Qrow at 4:46 disappears at 5:08.
  4. Position - At 4:56, Qrow Branwen shoves Weiss Schnee to his left, but in 5:09 Weiss appears to his right.
  5. Position - At 5:01, Winter as well as the four AK-200s that were accompanying her are seen standing outside of the Vale symbol on the school's courtyard, but at 5:09 she is seen standing inside the said symbol, at 5:15 she is seen standing outside of the symbol yet again.
  6. Model - When Qrow arrives, he does not have Harbinger, but it suddenly appears at 6:24 when Winter begins the fight.
  7. Model- At 6:42, the AK-200s Qrow destroyed during his arrival disappear as well as the one which he threw to the side at 6:47.
  8. Model - At 6:44, Winter's sword is nowhere to be seen when she does back handsprings to dodge Qrow's attacks.
  9. Model - At 6:47, the lower left lamppost appears to be transparent, allowing gathered students to be visible through it.
  10. Model - At 7:38, a black T-shaped figure briefly appears on Winter's pelvic area.
  11. Model - At 8:33, Winter is seen wielding her first and second sword at the same while a duplicate copy of her second sword can also be seen in her first sword. It disappears from Winter's first sword at 9:19 when she charges at Qrow.
  12. Model - At 8:34, there is a pure white silhouette with red-orange hair in the background to the right of the sidewalk.
  13. Model - At 8:35, there is a small Nevermore summon on the ground, even though Winter does not begin summoning until 8:38. During the time Winter begins her summoning, this Nevermore gets up and joins the other summoned Nevermores at 8:39.
  14. Model - At 9:04, a second pure white silhouette of a male person is visible in the distance on the right side of the screen.
  15. Model - At 9:25, Qrow's bangs are shown to be down, but at 9:30 they are slicked back again.
  16. Model - At 9:48 to 9:50, Winter disappears when Ironwood asks Qrow as to why he was there and reappeared again on the next scene.
  17. Model - At 9:54, part of the background is improperly layered on top of character models who are supposed to be standing in front of it. One of the character models appears to be glitched in some way where only small portions of it is visible.
  18. Model - At 9:55, Ozpin is shown with his coffee mug, but it disappears at 11:02, only to reappear on his desk at 11:15.
  19. Model- At 11:35, Winter is seen standing to the right side of Ozpin's desk. She then disappears at 11:39, only to reappear in between Ironwood and Qrow at 12:05.
  20. Model - At 12:37, Ironwood is seen leaning on the right side of Ozpin's desk while he is later seen leaning in the middle of it right before he gets up to activate his holograms at 13:16.
  21. Dialogue - At 14:41, Mercury Black states that Qrow "used a scythe" despite Qrow never using his weapon in scythe form during the battle.
  22. Model - Harbinger as well as Winter's weapon both disappear after their owners step foot into Ozpin's office.
  23. Model - Ironwood's Scroll disappears from Ozpin's desk during the whole sequence where he was explaining his plan to the rest of the inner circle, it reappears again once he decides to de-attach it from Ozpin's desk.
  24. Position - At 15:32, an AK-200 is improperly layered with the audience and appears to be floating among the crowd.

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