Did you really think you were the only one who got to work on a new plan after Beacon? With Ozpin gone, I needed my own team of people I could trust.

Ironwood's Group (unofficial) was a group consisting of General James Ironwood and his most trusted allies. He created it in response to Ozpin's death after the Fall of Beacon.

The goal of the group was to protect Atlas and the world from Salem and her Grimm by using Amity Colosseum to replace the Cross Continental Transmit System and tell the people of Remnant about Salem's existence. However, after they learned that Ruby Rose and her friends lied to them and that Salem was on her way to Atlas herself, they decided to raise Atlas in order to keep the Relics and Maiden out of her reach.

Clover Ebi, the leader of the Ace-Ops, was a member of the group until he was killed by Tyrian Callows during a fight between him and Qrow Branwen.

Penny Polendina was also a member of the group, but after becoming the Winter Maiden, defected to Ruby's Group and fled Atlas.

Marrow Amin was part of the group until Ironwood threatened to destroy Mantle and its inhabitants unless Ruby's Group aided his plan. Marrow refused to support Ironwood and was arrested by Winter Schnee for treason, but this was a facade. The two instead help Ruby's Group stop Ironwood from using the Relic of Creation to raise Atlas, while preventing Mantle's destruction until its citizens were evacuated.

As of "The Final Word", the group is now defunct following the Kingdom's destruction, as well as Ironwood's death.


Following the Fall of Beacon, General Ironwood contemplated his mistakes when his technology was hacked. Without Ozpin to guide him, James had to trust his own judgement on how to stop Salem, and decided to use a new approach to fight her.

With this in mind, Ironwood informed Penny and Winter, as well as the Ace-Ops, about Salem and the Relics, planning to restore global communications by replacing the CCTS by using Amity Colosseum as a satellite and tell the world about Salem. Additionally, the group decided to make it so that Winter would replace Fria as the next Winter Maiden.


Present Day

After the Ace-Ops team captured Team RWBY, Team JNPR, Qrow Branwen, and Oscar Pine in the city of Mantle, Ironwood apologized for the misunderstanding between the groups. He went on to explain to the group about his group's formation, under the belief they need to trust one another in other to defeat Salem, informing them of his plans.

The group went on to secure an Schnee Dust Company Mine #2 to prepare for the launch of Amity Colosseum, slaughtering any Grimm in the way.

Ironwood's Group was aware someone was staging fake Atlesian attacks over notable people who was against Ironwood in Mantle, including Forest. To combat this, James sent Clover Ebi to track down the killer who was behind this. They also sent Marrow Amin and Penny to Robyn Hill's election party in case something went awry. They later discovered Tyrian Callows was behind the massacre at the party and all the prior murders. Due to the massacre, the Happy Huntresses began to block Mantle's resources from reaching Atlas, thus outright halting the Amity project. The group was later invited to a ball at the Schnee Manor by Jacques Schnee. Later at the ball, Weiss finds proof that Jacques collaborated with Arthur Watts to win the election and has him arrested.

During the Battle of Mantle, Ironwood's Group participates in aiding against Salem's Forces and the Grimm in the city, with Clover aiding in the capture of Tyrian Callows alongside Robyn Hill and Qrow. Ironwood battles Arthur Watts in the Amity Communications Tower after revealing the existence of Salem to the world. Upon arriving in his office, Ironwood discovers an infiltrator had left a message to him that Salem had entered the Academy. He summons the Ace Ops and enters into conflict with Ruby's Group once they oppose his plan to abandon Mantle and save the city of Atlas. Ironwood calls for the arrest of Ruby's Group, leaving for the Atlas Vault. The Ace Ops are defeated by Team RWBY, par Clover who is killed by Qrow and Tyrian elsewhere in the Solitas tundra after an escalation of an argument with Robyn Hill. At the vault, Ironwood has an argument with Oscar Pine over his choice, leading to James shooting Oscar into a pit.

Following his discovery of Cinder's chess piece, Ironwood sends Winter and Penny to claim the powers of the Winter Maiden from Fria. They are interrupted by Cinder, who had followed them into the Atlas Medical Facility. After a battle, Winter is nearly killed and Penny takes the powers for herself as Cinder flees when Ruby Rose activates her Silver Eyes. Penny betrays the group, leaving with Ruby's Group, while Qrow and Robyn are both arrested under suspicion of killing Clover, and Winter reports to the general what happened, much to Ironwood's rage.

The Group later retrieve Clover's body and Winter has her wounds treated at the Atlas Command Center. When Councilmen Sleet and Councilwomen Camilla confront Ironwood about declaring Martial Law, he kills Sleet in front of everyone present. After this, they plan on retrieving Penny by force and by using Watts hacking skills to hack her while holding him at gunpoint. Harriet, Elm, Vine, and Marrow confront Ruby's Group when they infiltrated the command center to get the launch codes for Amity Communications Tower and stole one of Penny's swords to begin hacking her systems.

When Ruby's Group begin to launch Amity in the atmosphere, Ironwood's Group begin hacking Penny. After she disappears from their radars, Ironwood orders the Ace-Ops to find her and bring her back to him with Winter as their new leader. When they receive a distress call from Yang's Group, they arrive and begin questioning them about Penny's location while arresting them. Just as they do however, the river of Grimm Liquid they tried to warn them about erupts from the ground and heads straight towards Atlas and creates multiple Centinel Grimm. They destroy the Hard-Light shields protecting the city and the Monstra lands on the floating city while creating multiple Grimm.

When the Battle of Atlas begins, the Ace-Ops plan on handing over Yang's Group to Ironwood. When Harriet starts going on about how teammates are replaceable, Lie Ren snaps and his semblance evolves in the process which gives him insight on their emotional states. Once Ironwood plans on the group to deliver a bomb to destroy Monstra, Winter instead allows Yang's Group to go inside the giant Grimm to rescue Oscar while staying that they will still deliver the bomb whether they are still inside of not. Before they leave, Ren states that both Marrow and Winter are the most conflicted and don't want anything further to do with Ironwood's goals.

The Ace-Ops later take part in the Battle of Atlas while waiting for the bomb to arrive. While Marrow is upset that students like Team FNKI are in the fight and is worried about Yang's Group, the others brush him off and continue fighting. When Winter plans to go through with using the bomb on Monstra while Yang's Group is still inside, Marrow asks her if she would still do it if her sister was in there and if she could live with telling her that she killed her friends. She states that she will do whatever it takes as a soldier and that Marrow should do the same. When the bomb arrives and the group begin moving it, Monstra is destroyed before they even have a chance to use it.

After Cinder breaks into the area where Jacques, Watts, Robyn and Qrow were being held, she escapes with Watts while Qrow and Robyn escape recapture. When Ironwood is told of this and that they still have Jacques in their custody, he states that he doesn't care and that he wanted to use Robyn and Qrow as leverage to get Penny back to him. Later when the Ace-Ops report back to him, he asks them where Yang's Group is since he planned on also using them as leverage. Harriet informs him that Winter went against orders and let them go to rescue Oscar from Monstra and that they still have the bomb. When he learns of this and the Schnee Dust Company drones that Ruby's Group sent to Mantle to help evacuate the people, he has them destroyed and gives an ultimatum to Penny. He tells her to return to him within an hour to open the Vault, or he will use the bomb in his possession to destroy Mantle.

While the Ace-Ops originally believe this to be a bluff, Ironwood confirms that he wasn't lying and are horrified that he actually plans to go through with it. While most of them agree to help out with it, Marrow refuses to help Ironwood and states that he used to wear his rank with pride before realizing that it was just a collar. While Marrow prepares to leave the group, Ironwood prepares to kill him before Winter tackles him and arrests him for treason instead.

However, Winter revealed to Marrow that she wasn't actually going to arrest him and that she also believes that Ironwood needs to be stopped. She calls Weiss to ask for help while also running into Qrow and Robyn again. Later, Winter still pretends to act loyal to Ironwood when Ruby's Group seemingly go through with the ultimatum and the other remaining Ace-Ops attempt to stop Qrow and Robyn from reaching the bomb. When Ruby's Group give up the act however, Winter gives up the act too and helps them fight Ironwood and manages to defeat him while the remaining Ace-Ops are stopped by Marrow's Semblance. Winter later places Ironwood in a cell next to her father to prevent him from interfering with the evacuation process.

After Watts took control of the Atlas Command Center, he hacked an Atlesian Knight-200 and sent it to attack and detonate Qrow and Robyn. Marrow takes the attack instead, freeing the Ace-Ops from his Semblance. Harriet uses this chance to deliver the bomb to Mantle herself with Vine, Qrow and Robyn in pursuit.

When Ironwood's cell goes down, he reclaims his weapon and uses it to vaporize Jacques Schnee before heading to the Vault to confront Winter. When the Ace-Ops talk Harriet out of bombing Mantle and Qrow manage to stop the bomb from falling out of the ship, Watts armed it himself. Vine decided to sacrifice his own life to save his friends from the bomb.

During the fight between Ironwood and Winter, he manages to break the latter's Aura, but just as he is about to win Winter receives the Maiden powers, allowing her to defeat Ironwood and head through the portal. After Ironwood regained consciousness, he saw Cinder exiting the portal carrying both Relics as well as Salem's arrival. He tried to fire his gun at them, but gave up after Cinder declared checkmate, and the two leave him in the Vault to die with the Kingdom. Outside, the remaining Ace-Ops along with Qrow and Robyn watch as Atlas crashes into Mantle and both cities are flooded.



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