Volume 4 Character Short

  1. At 0:54, Ruby hooks Crescent Rose on the Nevermore's right wing, but by 0:55 she is on it's left wing.
  2. Model - The Beowolf that Ruby Rose attacks at 1:35 is lacking its tail, all of the bone spikes that should be on its hind legs, and the claws that should be on its hind paws.
  3. At 1:58, The brick that hits Ruby comes from 45 degrees to the right of the building the throwing Beowolf is on, and the direction Ruby is propelled is 90 degrees to the right of the Beowolf.
  4. At 2:01, the Beowolf is on a roof devoid of objects, but at 2:04, he throws a large rock that has materialized out of seeming thin air.
  5. Model - At 4:23 the rest of the statue that Ruby destroyed disappeared.
  6. At 4:32, In Jaune's contact picture his armor in shown to have a gold top edge, despite the fact that his armor had not been upgraded at that point.
  7. Model - For some reason, Gambol Shroud is transparent.

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