Episode 9 - "Search and Destroy"

  1. Model - At 2:35, Jaune Arc's model is missing his feet.
  2. Model - At 4:09, Bartholomew Oobleck spills coffee in his vest, leaving a stain. However, at 4:29, the coffee stain disappears.
  3. Model - At 6:37, Blake Belladonna has two copies of Gambol Shroud - one in her hand and one on her back.
  4. Model - At 7:35, after Team RWBY takes out the second wave of Grimm, Ruby Rose is leaning against a partially-invisible Crescent Rose, with another Crescent Rose appearing on her belt at 7:39.
  5. Model - In the same shot mentioned above, Weiss Schnee has two copies of Myrtenaster.
  6. Model - At 10:04 Oobleck throws his backpack to Yang Xiao Long. However, at 10:14, he is wearing it again; at 10:25, he is no longer wearing it.
  7. Model - Throughout the episode, particularly at 3:43 and 3:57, Weiss' dress distorts around and through her legs.

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