Episode 1 - "Round One"

  1. Position - A giant Dust crystal changes its position from being several feet away from Nadir Shiko at 5:17 to being right behind him at 5:18.
  2. Model - At 6:25, Blake Belladonna has Gambol Shroud's sheath in her left hand, a second later when she throws her weapon, the sheath is nowhere to be seen.
  3. Model - At 7:04, Nadir is missing his gun when Weiss Schnee lifts him with her glyph.
  4. Model - At 7:11, Nadir's gun is red, when it is supposed to be black.
  5. Position - At 7:27, Arslan Altan slides over to the path of the ice boulder her teammates are caught in. In that shot, the boulder was only a short distance away from her position, but in later shots of her and the boulder, it appears farther away.
  6. Model - At 11:29, Weiss' credit card is embedded into the counter. But in the next shot, the card is gone.
  7. Position - At 14:07, as Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black appear in the hallway behind Team RWBY, Emerald is to the left of Mercury. Then in the next shot, as they round the corner, Emerald is on Mercury's right.
  8. Position - At 14:43, Cinder Fall appears to be sitting, but she is floating instead.

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