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Imps[1] are Creatures of Grimm with somewhat humanoid features.

An Imp is first seen fused with a Horse Grimm to compose the Nuckelavee,[1] which first appeared in "Kuroyuri". An Imp, as its own separate being, has yet to be seen.


The Imp has an emaciated, somewhat humanoid torso with rib-like protrusions and pectoral-like bone plates on its chest, as well as a series of bone spikes along its upper spine. Its two long, thin arms end in a hand with only two fingers. The shape of its head is similar to that of a Human head but with a longer, pointier chin.

Its mask bears some resemblance to a Human skull, but the holes that serve as the eye sockets are elongated and slope downward. On its forehead, at the top of its mask, are two long, curved horns. Strips of flesh connect its upper and bottom lips, but it is able to tear these strips to fully open its mouth.


Through unknown means, an Imp became fused with a horse-like Grimm, creating the Nuckelavee that killed Lie Ren's parents and attacked Kuroyuri, Oniyuri and Shion. The Nuckelavee was later killed by Ren, with help from Nora Valkyrie, Jaune Arc and Ruby Rose.

Powers and Abilities

Imps are able to stretch their arms over long distances and rotate their torsos without injury. They can also emit a scream that is very discomforting to the ear.


  • The Volume 6 Opening features a number of Grimm arms trying to grab Ruby in the Brunswick underground. While Volume 6 introduces the Apathy Grimm, the opening uses Imp arms as a placeholder.
  • Imp arms are one of the type of Shadow Hands that Salem can summon, which is first seen in "Witch".


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