Volume 4

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

Give it to me.
—Ilia, demanding that Blake Belladonna give back her Scroll
You shouldn't have come back.
—Ilia, to Blake

Volume 5

Volume 5 Blake Character Short

Sometimes, the other girls would say things about the Faunus. That they were animals, that they were dirty, or they lied, and... I'd say these things with them... because I felt like I was one of them. And then, one day, there was a cave-in at the mines. I was at school, when the news broke. Apparently, one of the workers there tripped while handling some agitated Dust crystals. The explosion caused a chain reaction. And my... friends... snickered.
—Ilia telling Blake of her time in a Mantle Prep School
I lost control. Every inch of me turned blue as I wept. And suddenly, all the girls that I'd laughed and played with... were scared of me.
—Ilia revealing to Blake about her true identity being exposed to her former friends
Don't be. I broke their teeth.
—Illia, after Blake apologizes for what happened

Welcome to Haven

Your plan isn't gonna work, Blake. Please... just leave Menagerie before it's too late.
—Ilia begged Blake to leave Menagerie
I know.
—Ilia resigning herself to her failed attempt to convince Blake to flee Menagerie

Unforeseen Complications

Cowards. After everything the humans have done to us, everything they put us through, you're asking us to help them?
—Ilia, to Ghira Belladonna
Where was their help when the Dust companies treated us like slaves? Where was their help when Kingdoms hunted Faunus just for being who they are. Where was my help when my parents were killed in a Dust mine? Where?
—Ilia, to Ghira once again
The Belladonnas are the worst kind of Faunus. They want us to work with the same people who are trying to hold us down. If you truly, truly want to help your people, now is the time to support Adam, not the Belladonnas. He will bring about the future that you deserve. And know that if you are unwilling to fight, know that the White Fang are willing to do it for you!
—Ilia, to the gathered Faunus of Menagerie

Alone Together

I am sorry it has to be this way, but you and your family are holding the Faunus back!
—Ilia, to Blake after the latter was ambushed
There's no such thing as innocent! There's no right thing to do! Only what's best for us! There's the humans that still hate the Faunus, and there's the others who stand by and let the hate happen! But you know what snuffs out hate? Fear. I don't like hurting people. But I'll tell you this... it's gotten us results.
—Ilia to Blake, while justifying the White Fang actions
I guess back then you were just too busy falling for Adam to notice. I was always jealous of the way you looked at him. I wanted you to look at me that way.
—Ilia admitting to Blake she has feelings for her

True Colors

Quit taking potshots and fight me like you mean it!!
—Ilia demands Blake to take the fight seriously
You used to see things the way I did! The way Adam did! If no one's going to do anything to stop the humans that attack us, then the only choice we have left... is to attack back!!
—Ilia, to Blake
I don't know what else to do!!
—Ilia, after Blake asks what her parents would have wanted her to do
I'll stand with you! If... if you'd have me.
—Ilia, deciding to side with Blake

Volume 6

Argus Limited

I still don't feel like I deserve the freedom you and your family granted me.
—Ilia, talking to Blake about her freedom
The White Fang may have been a failure, but with your father starting up a new movement, I've got more faith than ever before.
—Ilia, talking about Ghira's new movement and her new faith
Thank you, Blake, for everything. I wish you didn't have to go.
—Ilia, hugging Blake and thanking her

RWBY: Amity Arena

What's our next mission?
—Ilia upon being deployed
Ilia was a rare Faunus that could avoid detection in both senses of the word. Her trait allowed her to blend in with humans as well as she could blend with the environment around her. All she needed to do was keep quiet and turn a blind eye.

Maybe that's why Ilia despises those who stand by and do nothing, the most. Because she never forgave herself--- for doing the same.

"She's not like Adam, not yet at least." -Blake
RWBY: Amity Arena

About Ilia

You saw Ilia last night, and she's not even the worst!
—Blake, to the injured Sun Wukong
Yeah, that chameleon friend of yours got me good.
—Sun, about his injury
That's what worries me about Ilia. She's not like Adam, not yet at least, but I don't know how long that will last.
—Blake to Sun, about Ilia
Her chameleon traits meant she could pass as Human. She could have lived a normal life if she wanted, but she didn't. I always admired that.
—Blake to Sun, about Ilia
She lost her family in a mining accident when she was young, and she joined the White Fang. Like me, she was more or less trained on the road alongside other Faunus. She learned to survive, to defend herself, but as people like Sienna and Adam started to gain a following, she became more dangerous.
—Blake to Sun, about Ilia
Ilia... please. You're a good person but you're making all the wrong decisions!
—Blake to Ilia
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