"I May Fall" is the ending song for "The Shining Beacon" of RWBY, and it is incorporated in the RWBY: Volume 1 Soundtrack.

The song is later used in the Volume 3 episode "Heroes and Monsters", when Velvet Scarlatina unleashes her weapon, Anesidora, and Weiss Schnee uses her summoning in battle for the first time.

Composition[edit | edit source]

"I May Fall" is a primarily guitar-driven hard-rock track, characterized by heavily distorted guitar tones and a prominent backbeat.

The first verse features harmony vocals from Casey Lee Williams and Jeff Williams, supported by distorted power chords in the lower register of the guitar. Heavy percussion joins in as the guitar moves into the higher register, with Casey and Jeff singing alternate parts.

A light string accompaniment joins in just before the first chorus, which is followed by the song briefly transitioning to a quieter dynamic, with the vocals backed mainly by percussion and bass for the next verse.

The song and guitar parts build up, culminating in a fast-paced guitar solo over the chorus and verse chord progressions. This is followed by one verse of unaccompanied vocals, before the band re-enters, building in intensity and volume up to the final chorus.

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

There's a day when all hearts will be broken
When a shadow will cast out the light
And our eyes cry a million tears
Help won't arrive

There's a day when all courage collapses
And our friends turn and leave us behind
Creatures of darkness will triumph
The sun won't rise

When we've lost all hope
And succumb to fear
As the skies rain blood
And the end draws near

I may fall
But not like this – it won't be by your hand
I may fall
Not this place, not today
I may fall
Bring it all – it's not enough to take me down
I may fall

There's a place where we'll stand outnumbered
Where the wolves and the soulless will rise
In the time of our final moments
Every dream dies

There's a place where our shields will lay shattered
And the fear's all that's left in our hearts
Strength and our courage have run out
We fall apart

When we lose our faith
And forsake our friends
When the moon is gone
And we reach our end

There's a moment that changes a life when
We do something that no one else can
And the path that we've taken will lead us
One final stand

There's a moment we make a decision
Not to cower and crash to the ground
The moment we face our worst demons
Our courage found

When we stand with friends
And we won't retreat
As we stare down death
Then the taste is sweet

I may fall
But not like this – it won't be by your hand
I may fall
Not this place, not today
I may fall
Bring it all – it's not enough to take me down
I may fall[1]

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