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Hush[1] is Neopolitan's weapon of choice.


Hush can act as a shield, being used against Yang Xiao Long's attack with Ember Celica, protecting both Neo and Roman Torchwick, who was also behind Hush's protective material. Hush itself is either very strong or very well-protected with Aura, as it has repeatedly been able to block Yang's explosive shells.

Hush is elaborately decorated in lace fabric of multiple colors; these being mostly pink and white (in the middle) as well as red and brown (at the edges). Hush is translucent enough to make out the shape and color of the wielder as she stands behind it.

The shaft of Hush serves at the sheath for a long cylindrical blade, which can be drawn out by Hush's curved handle. This has been seen twice, both times utilized to finish off downed opponents. The end of Hush has a hole through which this blade can come out.


  • In Amity Arena, Neo's Soft Serve outfit adorns the umbrella with gold hearts and tips.
  • Neo's parasol contains a blade connected to the handle. This type of cane sword was originally called a "dolon" and was first used by the ancient Romans. It is yet unclear whether this design choice was a deliberate allusion to her partnership with Roman Torchwick.
  • To hush something is to make it silent or quiet.
    • This is possibly an allusion to Neo's muteness.



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