Huntsmen and Huntresses; the best and brightest warriors of Remnant, ranking higher than Kingdom police and even military, in terms of strength, and skill.

The occupation was established alongside the Huntsmen academies after the Great War, with the hope of creating elite warriors whose sole purpose would be to combat the creatures of Grimm.

Beacon Academy was founded in Vale, Haven founded in Mistral, Shade founded in Vacuo, and Atlas founded in the now-defunct Kingdom of Mantle.

These institutions accepted graduates of primary combat schools, who showed enough promise and tenacity, to not only battle the world's deadliest creatures, but also protect their fellow man.

For this reason, trainees are grouped into teams, ensuring the continual development of communication, empathy, and teamwork; traits that are vital to any guardian of peace.

As an additional precaution to maintaining peace, the founders of the Academies believe that their graduates should be kept separate from Kingdom allegiance.

Once finished with their training, Huntsmen and Huntresses are free to choose who they work for, as well as what kind of work they will do, through the use of mission boards. Allying with a particular Kingdom or village is entirely up to the individual.

However, Atlas Academy has come under increasing amounts of scrutiny for the indoctrination of military lifestyle upon its students, pressuring them to enlist in the Atlas Military's Special Operatives unit.

Every academy has its own methods of teaching. The end result is the same; Huntsmen and Huntresses ready to make their own paths. Some will stay together as a team, some will move on to work alone.

But all are expected to serve humanity... and never succumb to the darkness.

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