Human Nextwork was an in-universe game-development company which produced the Scroll version of RWBY: Amity Arena for Remnant. They were located in the former Kingdom of Atlas.

The company was later destroyed alongside the Kingdom in "The Final Word".


One of these scientists next to Pietro and Arthur ended up becoming the head of Human nextwork

Partnering with the Atlesian Military, the SDC, and the various Huntsmen-in-training for the 40th Vytal Festival, Human Nextwork was the company responsible for some physical tests for competitors and modeling for the production of RWBY: Amity Arena, with at least two Developmental Labs for this purpose. One of these labs had a room with a two way mirror used to research ccaptured Grimm. Every time the game received an update, Human Nextwork always informed players ahead of time to avoid problems down the line.

Prior to joining the company, one of the developers for the game worked alongside Pietro Polendina and Arthur Watts in a project issued by James Ironwood for the next investments in military technology in Atlas. While they all had rivalries, the developer and Watts shared an ingenuity for creating "killing machines", as well as a close friendship which had been thought to overcome what bickering they had. However, this was proven wrong after Watts faked his death in the Paladin Incident to take revenge against Ironwood and Pietro.[1]

Before the start of the 40th Vytal Festival tournament, Development Labs 1 and 2 wagered a bet on whether Team ABRN would make it to the semi-finals of the tournament, where the former gambled the team would, eventually losing that bet.[2]

Later, after an incident while messing with Roy's Saws in their Development Labs, an intern had lost the top of their hands and accidentally decapitated two Atlesian Knight-200s while Roy Stallion worked in the modeling room. The intern had their pay removed by Winter Schnee following this.[3]

Human Nextwork managed to get Pyrrha Nikos to model her character and voice the tutorial for the game as well. While looking through the footage of her combat skills, the researchers realized that the way she used Miló and Akoúo̱ was due to her Semblance. However, they believed her Semblance was Telekinesis and were unaware that it was actually Polarity.[4]

While the company tried to be as unbiased as possible, they still showed signs of racism towards Faunus characters such as Neon Katt and Marrow Amin, as well as little concern that Adam Taurus was branded by the SDC, one of their collaborators, while describing how he eventually joined the White Fang. They also believed that Fiona Thyme was wasting her Semblance with the Happy Huntresses and should be using it for the SDC instead.[5][6][7][8]

The company also showed belief that members of the Atlas Military like Clover Ebi[9],Elm Ederne[10], Vine Zeki[11], Harriet Bree[12], and Winer Schnee[13] were the best Huntsmen in the world of Remnant while only briefly talking about their flaws. Their researchers were also willing to accept bribes from people like the Shopkeep so he could be a character in the game as well.[14]

While researching Grimm to make units in the game, the company noticed how strangely quick Sabyrs adapted to the cold climate of Solitas.[15] During another instance, the company captured an Apathy and placed it in the lab with a two way mirror room for observation. One of the researchers almost succumbed to the effects of its scream until he asked someone for a cup of coffee.[16]

Following the Fall of Beacon, Human Nextwork released new units based on some of the improvements the Atlas Military had made to improve the publics perception of them. Some of these units included the Atlesian Burrow Gun[17] and later the Atlesian Arachna Mines[18].

According to RWBY: Amity Arena, after the Battle of Haven, the people of Atlas were uncertain about Theodore's status, thus seeing James Ironwood as the only trustworthy leader in the world, with Ozpin and Leonardo Lionheart dead. When the Faunus militia of Menagerie was brought up however, the people of Human Nextwork were unconcered.[19]

Following the destruction of Atlas in "The Final Word", the company was destroyed as well.


  • The information provided by RWBY: Amity Arena is intended to be canon within the universe of RWBY, with some exceptions.[20]
  • While most of the units made for the game were modeled after how the tests for that character went, many of the units were based on information given to the company by multiple sources. Information on Raven Branwen and her Semblance was provided by her twin brother, Qrow Branwen, after the latter intoxicated himself at a cantina.[21]
  • The company had to make changes to the powers of certain characters so they would fit more with the gameplay. While aware Velvet Scarlatina's Semblance does not allow her to copy all abilities and other Semblances, Human Nextwork changed it within RWBY: Amity Arena for the sake of the game's style. They later did the same thing involving Jinn and her ability to temporarily stop time.[22][23]


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