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Horse Grimm (unofficial) are horse-like Creatures of Grimm.

A Horse Grimm is first seen fused with an Imp to compose the Nuckelavee in the episode "Kuroyuri".[1] A Horse Grimm, as its own separate being, has yet to be seen.


The Horse Grimm looks like a large black horse with a mane of black smoke. They have the typical white bone-like features of the Creatures of Grimm around their face, ribcage and legs. Their forelegs have two-fingered claws and have hooved hind legs that leave a distinctive hoofprint.


Through unknown means, a Horse Grimm became fused with an Imp, creating the Nuckelavee that killed Lie Ren's parents and attacked Kuroyuri, Oniyuri and Shion. The Nuckelavee was later killed by Ren, with help from Nora Valkyrie, Jaune Arc and Ruby Rose.


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