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Hook and Darling[1] are a pistol and cutlass, and they are Scarlet David's weapons of choice. They first appeared in the Volume 3 Opening.


Hook Edit

The pistol is red-brown and dull gray, with some decorative inlays on the side. Its design bares homage to the flintlock pistol, a type of firearm that was popularized around the 17th century. It can also be used as a grappling hook, as seen in "New Challengers...".

Darling Edit

The cutlass has a black grip and a dark brass guard. The design of the guard indicates that it is meant to be wielded with the right hand, in order to protect it from enemy attacks.


  • One of Scarlet's weapons was leaked on Shane Newville's Twitter account as "Scarlet's Pistol".[2]
  • The weapon names fit with Scarlet's Peter Pan allusion, "Hook" referring to Captain Hook and "Darling" being the surname of the children whom Peter befriends.



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