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The Higanbana Waitress is a character that first appears in "Family".

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In her introduction, the Higanbana Waitress is shown as having a friendly disposition, playfully flirting with Qrow Branwen. She is shown to be scared of Raven Branwen, though whether this is of her Semblance or her status as a bandit leader is unknown.


The waitress is a fair-skinned woman with black hair and brown eyes. She wears a sleeveless red dress with a gold trim and a white apron. She wears her hair tied in a loop, and wears armbands on both wrists.


This waitress works at a tavern in the village Higanbana. She is seen serving a drink to Qrow from a woman with red eyes and gives him a bit of playful flirting. Later, she is shown trembling at the sight of Raven Branwen leaving through a portal.

In "Menagerie", she is seen cleaning the tavern's floor before being startled when Tyrian Callows approaches her and asks if she can help him find someone.

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